"Impossibilities" of God

When someone asks “Can God create a square circle?” we usually jump and answer “No, because that would be illogical.” More so, we think of this because our definition of a circle contradicts that of having the adjective of square. So, for us you can’t have a square circle.

Some may then go to say, “Well, then that means that God is limited by logic, and that would mean that there is something beyond God.” Some may then think that this causes a problem in the Christian understanding of God, or say something to the effect of “God chooses to follow logic, which He dictates.”

I got to thinking the other day, what if the original premise is wrong. What if the problem with the logic is our definitions. What if God can, in fact, create a square circle Now, I’m not well versed in philosophy, physics, or math, so my thinking may be off, but I do know a bit.

So, my questions for thought to bring to the table:

  1. Couldn’t you just say that even humans can create a “square circle”, which would just simply be a circle that has been squared out, making a square? So a square circle is simply just a square?
  2. Or, since there are quantum particles that can reside in two states at once, would it then be possible for God to create a shape which resides in two basic shapes at once, one being a circle and one being a square? Especially since God is not bound by time.

Please, discuss.

I think even human logic has its limits. For one thing, what appears logical to most of us may not be, as psychologists have demonstrated in many studies. Psychologists have also differentiated between what is logical and what is reasonable. People often use shortcuts in their thinking (heuristics) which, although not strictly logical, are reasonable and generally serve them well. Further, logic itself is a product of the human mind and therefore, logically speaking, is subject to cognitive bias and error. Finally, physicists, mystics, surrealist poets, and others recognize the constraints that logic can impose on the human imagination, creativity, and the mysteries of consciousness, the universe, and of G-d.

This is interesting. However, when someone says that that must mean God is limited by logic, you can counter that by saying, "No, He is not limited by logic, but rather does not choose to contradict Himself. God cannot do something against Himself or change His mind, so the act of creating a square circle would be a contradiction of His own laws, which He does not choose to do.

Replying to a logical fallacy requires a somewhat absurd answer.

The properties of each figure prevent them from ever being a reality in this universe.

Now God could create another universe with a different set of rules and properties where a squared circle could exist.

So, Yes it is possible for God if he chose to do it. But It would be impossible for us to witness it or comprehend it as we exist in this one.

Think of another classic logical fallacy:
Q: Could God make a stone so heavy that he couldn’t lift it?
A: Yes, and then He would lift it.

Joe B

God is perfect. Logic is a characteristic of that perfection. If God were not logical, He would not be perfect.

Now, circle and square are just labels. Men can change the meaning (it’s just a definition we’ve agreed on) so God certainly can.

But, the broader point is God does not contradict himself because he is perfect. He can’t be illogical, b/c that would be a mistake. It’s not a limitation on His power, it’s a feature of who He is. After all, God created the laws of logic too.

God Bless

Yes! Jesus could not lift many boulders, and yet, He could move mountains if he chose.

God could create a round, square, triangle, fish if he wanted to. Every time God performs a miracle he alters the natural laws of physics.

Not really. God is perfection, not contradiction. A round square triangle is a contradiction in terms. It is nothing. And nothing IS impossible to God.

Hardly seems to be any non-believers around here (i wonder why this is), so i guess you almost have to build a characture of one but i don’t believe everyone subscribes to this.

I don’t think not being able to do this disproves God or believers should be necessarily threatened that God is subordinate to or follows logic (or morality, etc). If he didn’t follow logic he’d do all kinds of crazy things for no reason.

It’s impossible by definition, a square is a 4 sided shape, with 90 degree angles in each side, to the exclusion of everything else.

You could call a banana a square if you like but the conventional definition of a square is that, if it doesn’t satisfy that definition, it isn’t a square.

You could change the definition or define random objects as a square if you like, this might solve the problem a little but i think its just dodging it entirely.

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