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Good evening & Merry Christmas to everyone!

We have been doing a decade a night (most nights) as a family (there are 5 of us) for the past year or so. We do this usually before we put our girls to bed. It seems like I’m pulling teeth to get my 4 year old daughter to participate (pray along consistently, sit up straight, etc.)

I have looked at some other posts and it seems like some ideas that came up to help the devotion are these:

*]Dim Lights & use candles
*]Burn Incense
*]Set up prayer corner/table
*]Move place of prayer periodically

I have also thought about praying before or right after dinner when they’re a little more awake. I am also thinking of buying a larger statue of Our Lady (18" or so). Any other ideas? Am I asking too much of a 4 year old?



My four year old barely makes it through grace. But, he is a little immature. If I gave him a piece of candy for each bead… :hmmm: He would have lots of candy!! He’d love rosary time, that’s for sure.

How about coloring a rosary coloring book quietly while you pray?


Marc…how beautiful for you and your family to pray the rosary…if I may a 4 yr old isn’t going to beable to sit too long and behave as perfect as a statue!

Just praying the rosary will bare fruit beyond your imaginations in those beloved children, your 4 yr old can sit with a story book (rosary connection with pictures) while your praying…our daughter from infanthood would be in my arms and it wasn’t until she was 3 began to kneel with us with a plastic rosary of her own and she would mimic us until she reached 5, by then she would interrupt me and ask where on the rosary we were…gosh when I recall this it puts a smile on my face :slight_smile:
all we insisted on from the little ones was too remain quiet as much as can be expected :rolleyes:
the rest will come in time believe me…our daughter is now 12 and often leads the rosary. The last thing you want is to turn this into a dreaded time…Our lady would be patient and loving, and remember these years will be cherished, so relax and make it fun for her ( a spiritual time to be with mom and dad )
Hope that helps

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