Impure or rude thought

What is the difference between an impure thought or a thought that’ s “rude” or double meaning.

Is full consent to both type of thought a mortal sin.


I don’t know what this means. Could you give an example?

Impure thought generally relates to sexual matters, whereas I would have thought that rude thought can relate to any Commandment e.g. bad language.

I was interpreting it as “innuendo,” which I don’t think would be grave matter in many (if any) circumstances. Many couples engage in that kind of thing playfully with each other.

Where it may cross into sinful territory is if it objectifies another person. But internally noticing and being amused at someone’s use of language in that way, if that’s what the OP means, wouldn’t strike me as sinful.

By “rude” thoughts I mean finding double meanings in things. Certain words triggering double meaning thoughts. Unfortunately I suffer from OCD and end up associating the double meaning with religion.

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