Impure sight

First of all, let me begin my question by stating that I am a bisexual young man. With that said, I proceed.
I was in my room the other day, watching a… let´s say it´s a series. This series I had partially watched in the recent past. I was looking for the face of an actor I couldn´t make up (among other things). When I finally saw it, to put it simple, I desired to keep looking at him, for I found him handsome. I kept paying attention at his face for minutes, sort of admiring his beauty. Then I stopped, and felt guilty about it. If it were a woman´s face, I don´t think it would be sinful, but…
This is a habit of mine. Whenever I see a man, my eyes go inmediately to his face.
Take into consideration that I just looked at him, at his face. I didn´t have fantasies nor impure thoughts. Did I commit a mortal sin? A venial one?
Thank you and blessings.

It’s not really useful, in my opinion, to ask anonymous people on the internet whether something you did was sinful, and if it was, whether it was venial or mortal. This is something you should really take up with a priest in the context of the confessional.

That said, my own opinion (and it’s just a layman’s opinion, I wouldn’t put much stock in this) is that this might be sinful, but almost certainly not mortally so. You were looking at him because you found him sexually attractive, and intended to look at him for this purpose. That’s a little suspect. Maybe a near occasion of sin. That said, it doesn’t sound like you engaged in masturbation, and looking at someone’s face is obviously not pornographic. So I don’t think you really jumped in the deep end of the pool, so to speak.

But yeah, talk to a priest about this stuff. They’re the ones best equipped to give you guidance going forward.

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