Impure Sins- When is too far?!

I do not mean to post lewd or inappropriate content here, please forgive me. I struggle with maintaining purity, so I desire to know when do you sin-- mortally. I have heard than things like immaturity and addiction make normally mortal sins venial. Is this true? Also, should I abstain from communion for thinking lustful thoughts (and entertaining them) only to realize what I was doing?! Sorry if I seem scrupulous, I am just nervous about this. Thank you. :o

Your best bet is to ask your Priest. If you are a teen or young adult, and, or, you have a pattern of this, or an obsession you are struggling in, the CCC says that this may reduce the gravity of the sin.

These type of sins are hard for anyone to call as none of us can guess what was going on in your head at the time, or any mitigating factors. What most of us fear, when we respond to such a question, is the idea of giving you a green light to continue entertaining these type of thoughts. Does that make sense?

The bottom line is to always resist, never give in, and if you do, confess it even if the gravity of the sin is not clear in your mind. This is what I often do. As to communion, again, talk with your Priest.

Hope this helps.

I would recommend you consult with your local priest and explain everything the best you can to him. When you realize something is morally wrong, you know it’s a grave matter. Knowingly committing with full knowledge and full consent makes it a mortal sin but, again, check with your priest. Humans are frail but our souls were created by God; have faith in Him to guide you and to forgive you when you sin. God Bless you and remember to pray every day.:slight_smile:

I recommend talking to a real person, a priest. No need to be nervous, just be honest.

God bless,

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