Impure thoughts and Confession

Hey Everyone,
In confession, if i’m confessing an impure thought, should i say what the thought is? or should i just say that i thought an impure thought? also, would there be certain cases in which i should say something extra regarding thoughts?



I think saying “I’ve had impure thoughts” would suffice. There is no need to go into graphic detail as an impure thought is an impure thought regardless of the actual content.

Such thoughts are only sinful if one deliberately entertains them. Thoughts will enter one’s mind uninvited and that is to an extent entirely natural and in no way sinful. At the very most it would be a venial sin. However venial sin can quickly lead to mortal sin if not tackled.

It is therefore good to confess such thoughts in any case as by going to confession and confessing them, Our Lord will grant you the graces and strength necessary to help prevent those thoughts from leading you into sin.

God Bless.



Why is that one thus falls into sin, at this point. Did the Lord not protect them?Did the person not ask for protection? Or do they not really have faith that is why the Lord didn’t protect them from falling into sin?

Notwithstanding the graces and strength Our Lord gives us to combat sin, it is nevertheless incumbent on us to cooperate with the Lord. We have free will after all. We can choose to not make full use of what the Lord gives us and therefore fall into sin. So the responsibility remains ours, not the Lord’s. He always gives us what we need.

So it is not that Our Lord failed to protect us that we sin; rather that we choose to forego His protection.

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