Impure Videos: Mortal or Venial

So I was watching a video on youtube about aviation. Then as I scroll down, I saw this video about things that you shouldn’t do in flight, the thumbnail of the video was a couple doing impure actions. I was really interested in the video but not in the thumbnail. (well, i was a little bit tempted and had a slight consent when i saw the thumbnail… but i think it’s natural). So I watched the video and about halfway or so, there’s that impure clip about 3 secs. I felt a little guilty and stopped watching the video after few seconds. Am I being scrupulous? Did I offend God? Please help, I’ve been in this battle for about 3 years and I want it to stop.

Thanks — God bless us all

Due to the possible duress and certain ignorance of the circumstance (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1746) it seems that it was venial. But now you are now longer ignorant about You Tube, It is near occasion of sin and should be avoided. The Church recommends that you examine your conscience with the Word of God (cf. ibid. 1454, 1785), and suggests parts of the bible for this purpose. Frequently examine and confess to a priest to open doors to further distance yourself from the disease.

Ask your priest in confession, not an online forum.:rolleyes:

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