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I am a man that has been recently getting VERY STRONG strong urges to be impure. I have gone for quite some time being pure - so I am struggling. I thought that bad habit was done for me. I do not look at innapropriate materials. The urge and physical temptations is there.

I started to pray when aroused. I pleaded with God to expell the demons and temptations. That has worked today…but I wonder if there are any other strategies???


Prayer remains the best form of resistance.
Also work, which keeps the mind and body occupied during the day such that you sleep well at night, is of great help.

My signature contains a quick prayer that I find is of great help to me.
It quickly reminds me of who is present and toward whom I should be pointing.



The urge and temptation takes some time to completely go away (or at least decrease substantially).

It is good that you avoid tempting images, I think it takes more than just that though. The root of this problem is selfishness, so you need to become selfless to combat it. Here are the things that I follow:

A. Basic prevention.

  1. Do not watch tv or use internet alone .
  2. Do not listen to sophomoric radio shows (sports talk, morning shows etc) These things break down your conscience.
  3. Avoid other places that could be tempting (beach, swimming pools etc.) Note once you get things under control, you should be fine going swimming again etc.

B. Selfishness

  1. Don’t do things only for your pleasure. Don’t watch movies alone for fun, have fun with friends and family watching a movie or whatever. By yourself it is not bad but a little selfish, with friends it serves a purpose outside yourself.
  2. Don’t replace a really bad habit with something else that is self centered like video games or a fancy car.
  3. Do social things with moral people, church softball team, bible study, charity work etc.

C. Soul Building

  1. Say the rosary or similar devotion daily.
  2. Sign up for a weekly adoration hour.
  3. Listen to EWTN in the car.
  4. Read the Bible and other Catholic books.

If temptations come, know that the desires men have are not themselves bad, they are very good. They are there to encourage us to create life! This desire has been misdirected. If you remember what the purpose of our sexuality is it helps.

Also envision the sacrifice that Jesus made for you on the Cross. View your resistance to temptation as your own small sacrifice. Jesus said we must deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow him. At this point in your life, these temptations may be your “cross”.

God Bless,


Could not have said it better myself, nothing to add hear. The advice whm has given is good for combat - know you are in spiritual warfare, and take it that seriously. Most people don’t realize how real spiritual warfare can be, I believe it is harder than ‘real’ physical hand to hand combat. When you approach it with that type of seriousness every day, it prepares you for what you may face. And don’t ever let down your guard or under prepare once you have conquered your temptations, keep vigilant, being over prepared can only help even when you think you have a handle on what tempts you.


The five conversion stones of Mary of Medjugorje -
Prayer (Divine Mercy, Rosary, 15 St. Bridget prayers, St. Michael prayer),
Confession (Weekly at least),
Communion (Adoration & Mass),
Fasting (On bread and water, Wednesday and Friday)
Scripture (Lectio Divina, Psalm 91, Psalm 68:1, Ephesians 6:10 onwards)


Thanks for all the great advice! I agree, it is spiritual war. I am ready for the battle. I got all pumped up and motivated to fight after watching Fr. Carapi on tv last night talking about sprititual warfare.

I have been praying the rosary daily for months. Said another one last night before bed and I feel great today!





Rust a reply to give this thread a rating, excellent advice here fellas - good for referencing in future threads


It’s true, believe the other posters when they tell you to pray. Pray & back away from the sin. If you’re near a computer at that time and can get away, walk away from it.

I’ll tell you what helps me when I’m tempted with fear. I hope it will help you, for the temptation you mentioned or any temptation. Start praising Jesus. I do it in a simple way… “Jesus You are holy. Jesus, You are Worthy. Jesus, You are Kindness. Jesus, You are Love. Jesus You are Mercy. Jesus, You are Salvation…” And I keep thinking of things to say (He’s… magnificent, justice, truth, etc, etc). I’ll do that for a few minutes, and the fear, or whatever else, will dissipate and disappear. And I wonder if those feelings go away, not because of distraction, but because the devil & his demons don’t want to stand around having to listen to praises to God. Lol. Oh, I also noticed, that sometimes after I started doing that, temptations or feelings would try to return every few days. But as soon as I realized they were returning again, I’d start praising Jesus again. I tell you, with great happiness, that I’ve been bothered so much less. So much less, in fact, I’m not being bothered anymore. Praise God!

If you find a prayer or something, just remember that your Deliverer delivers you. What I mean is, we find our salvation in Jesus. So if a prayer works for you, do remember to thank Jesus for saving you from temptation and for the gift of prayer, the hope is in Him.

Listening to worship music every day may help, not just as a way to turn from temptation, but as a tool to keep a focus on Jesus every day. (As a side note, I don’t know what kind of music you like, but there is a song that is really helping me to express my love to Jesus right now… it’s called “Holy” by Matt Gilman.) Also, it is very important to be careful about what we ingest… whatever we watch or hear ends up in our memories. So anykind of impurity is out (divert eyes during impure scenes in movies… or just don’t watch the movie, don’t listen to music with impure lyrics). Be on guard. One thing can lead to another, even the smallest thing. And remember… “whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Phil 4:8. Fight the good fight, only consume good and pure things for your heart and mind, so that the heart and mind will remain pure… doing the opposite with the shadows of evil can corrupt and hurt, and do all kinds of damage seen and unseen. If only we could see the demonic hag that brings sin to us wrapped up in a golden bow! It’s not something you really want. The temptation that comes to you is not you. Reject anything that comes from the fires of hell. Let your heart burn with a Holy Fire.

I don’t mean to say all that like it’s easy. Still, when tempted, for any sin: Pray (praise Jesus, call out to Him and praise Him), and avoid the sin, literally turning your back on it if you have to. It’s what we all have to do. God bless you, in the midst of the battle, remember Christ is victorious. Run to Him!

God bless you :slight_smile:


*Your steadfast faith is very endearing…I am sorry you’re struggling, but keep up the good fight. We all have setbacks – stay focused on Christ, and He will enable to you to stay the course. I will hold you in my prayers. *


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