Are there foods or any substance that can diminish sexual appetite?


There are drugs, like Zyprexa, that diminish the libido, but at the cost of very noticeable weight gain. The antidepressant drug, Lexapro, is also said to reduce the libido.

I’m nor too sure about foods, but I remember someone mentioning the wheat germ increases the libido.

It’s amazing to me that the drug industry does not invest in a drug that exclusively reduces the sex drive.

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I would certainly like to know how to keep said ‘appetite’ under control. I used to take Lexapro. I now take another antidepressant. I think they have the opposite effect on me…not good since my fiance and I are trying to remain chaste until our wedding night…5 months away!

Yes there is one specific food which helps not only diminish impurity but all sins, it is called Holy Communion. Other than that no particular type of food is specific to impurity or any other sin.

Wedding cake?

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Shouldn’t it increase it :smiley:

Good old fashioned black licorice does seem to have an effect for me.
i once tried to find anti-aphrodisacts with google not many hits but there was one that made the claim to be able to diminish one’s “drive” ,some kind of pill made from a tropical plant,and black licorice was mentioned on another.

Yes. Humble Pie and a good dose of prayer and penance and patience and avoid the near occassions of sin. Maybe some good aerobic exercise. Best to you.

Eat lots of garlic and onions!! Stink up your breath!!! Hahahaa!

The request was for a reduced DRIVE, not reduced availability of options! Nice try though.

The wedding cake was a cruel one. That’s just plain cynical man!

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