In 2006, we lost America thanks to Bush


Do you believe America will be given the power to torcher people and/or kill them no matter who they are?


Ummmmmmmmm. No.


What would you say or think if you were shown proof that they already were given this power?


What on earth are you talking about? No riddles please, just speak plainly.


If it WERE true, whistleblowers like you would be strapped to a chair in a poorly lit room someplace instead of spreading urban legends on the internet.

Good luck.


No riddles really, just leading up to something some may not know about and what the SDA church has always known would happen.

I would like answers to my question first…I am sorry it had to come out so awkward, but I couldn’t just post it here or I might get banned again :slight_smile:


Thanks, mighty Christian of ya :wink:


Um, how did you get the idea that America tortures people? Abu Ghraib was a joke - if you call that torture - it pales in comparison to lopping our heads off wouldn’t you think? Everybody’s all up in our faces about torture - why don’t they go to the terrorists and complain about heads being lopped off and eyes being gouged out???


Ok, I’ll play along.


Now, what do I win.


He’s talking about some bill that Bush signed late 2006;

Some have called it the “Death of Habeas Corpus”

I don’t know much more then that other then it was something that was Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann and the video has been floating around on you tube.


I never said America tortures people (yet) I simply asked what would you think if America was given power to do so…even better, the president himself to freely give the orders to.


Correct, Mommyof02green wins the prize!


Has anyone seen the video? Go look for it if you haven’t…I have it embedded in my SDA-N-Friends forum as well.


I would think that it is in violation of the Geneva Convention. Setting people on fire is horrible. :stuck_out_tongue: Of course, I would need some very solid evidence that Bush “freely gives the order to” torture. And I don’t think the local authorities would appreciate it if I begin to torture that guy who cut me off on the freeway this morning. Good thing I can blame Bush, though! :thumbsup:


Most definitely, YES!

Saaaave me, goitalone!! :rolleyes:


Yeah. Don’t do this. Make your point plainly and support it. We are not a class and you are not our teacher.



Well, go watch the video…it shows you just how easy how my question to you can come true now.


I never said I was teaching you.

And what I can or cannot do is all up to you…care for another banning of goitalone? :wink: I bet you do!


No. But the implication is there because it’s the didactic teaching method. Again, state your point plainly and directly and show evidence to support it and drop the childish and insipid twenty-questions routine.



It’s just people here like the facts just laid out; generally in the first post (especially if it something worth their time knowing about)

We all have busy lives and don’t want to be doing 20 questions :slight_smile:

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