"In a Blue State, Parents Beat Planned Parenthood’s Sex Ed Push"

Would something like this succeed in California in this day and age?


It goes to show standing up to the activists does indeed accomplish things.

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wow, the video is worth watching.

How abstinence was redefined by PP was really shocking.

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Did I hear wrongly, or did they actually include sex in there (PIV penetration)?

Regardless, that video was horrific to listen. Of course they would redefine it to mean all sorts of intense sexual acts under the sun, so when teenagers inevitably have sex after engaging in these acts, they will say “we told you abstinence education doesn’t work!”. And sell them birth control, abortions and std testing, lol.


I think we really need to value the virtue of chastity ourselves. If we do that then we can more effectively promote that virtue to the young people of our community.


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