In a land of abundance, can there be gluttony?


I did not.

Interestingly enough, Thomas reckons gluttony to be a violation of the third Commandment… It is “resting” in the wrong thing.

Basically, any disordered eating is gluttony.



Also, the one paragraph in the CCC that mentions gluttony (1866) cites Gregory, who is also cited by Thomas.

Those who can not be bothered to do the quickest Google search should know the same paragraph mentions sloth.



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And notice how actual gluttony has become the law of the land so to speak(or better yet, protected by law), and for the most part, accepted and adhered to by most people…not a coincidence, living the type of world we do today.

Heck, not even the catholic church dare to oppose or to instruct otherwise either!! Gee and we wonder why the world is the way it is. lol



Yes, we are in a time of all you can eat buffets, Big Gulps, and “pizza qua vegetable.”



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…but, perhaps, some disordered eating is an eating disorder. Read Robert Lustig (MD), FAT CHANCE about the causes of obesity. Obesity is a symptom of a disease. This discussion falls in the general category of what’s wrong with eating sugar and high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup, etc. There are infants with obesity and fatty livers due to excessive intake of fructose. Lustig’s target is to influence public policy, which may very well have contributed to the USDA’s first-time-ever recommendation (this year, I think) for limiting an individual’s intake of sugar.

Sorry, farmers, sugar is not “food” although the government’s policy since the early '70s has been that it was. As Lustig points out, no one wants to be obese, although they end up that way. Sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Lustig gives a case study of a six y/o who weighed 100 pounds, owing to his intake of ONE GALLON of orange juice every day.

As happens so often, CCC para. 1735 comes into play, that circumstances can diminish or nullify one’s responsibility for sin. We should not judge others, that is God’s department.

Aside from gluttony, I don’t hear any discussion of** sloth **(spiritual laxity, as I’ve seen it defined, recently), although this seems to be one of the widest-spread problems in the Church.



Since Pius XII, we’ve had some rather shall we say “beefy” Popes, who were in fact declared saints, notwithstanding.

There are some Protestant denominations who seem to have a very dim view of anyone being overweight in their congregations.


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