In a state of sin


I have a problem that hopefully I can get some advice on. I have been for the past 4 months trying to stop masturbating as I now know that it is a sin. (I have been doing this for 15 years daily so I find this very difficult to do). However through prayer and self-control I have for the most part been able to avoid doing so. The problem arises when I do give in and can’t get to confessions for a few days to a week. I find that once I do it, I lose all self-control until I finally get to confessions (we only have confessions on Saturdays.)

I find praying doesn’t seem to help when I’m in this state; all rationality leaves and then I feel bad afterwards. Any advice on how to avoid sinning again once the door is open until I close it when I go to confessions?


First of all, I will keep you in my prayers as you deal with this sin. It is a very hard habit to break, especially since you have been in the habit for so many years. I read something once from St. Jean Vianney (aka Cure D’Ars) about the very thing you are going through with dealing with temptation while waiting for confession. He said that suppose you had a husband that was abusive to his wife. He knew what he did was wrong but would often lose his temper and hit her. Now, if he once again abused his wife and while waiting for confession kept engaging in hitting his wife figuring “what does it matter, I have to go to confession anyways and am in the state of sin”, who in there right minds would think it’s ok for him to keep hurting his wife just because he’s already in the state of mortal sin and doesn’t have to control himself???

I know you realize that sinning mulitple times inbetween confessions is a sin, but this is a story that I always thought was helpful to me, as I once struggled with the very thing you are going through. I thought that it doesn’t hurt anything if I kept sinning while I waited for confession, but this story helped me to realize that ALL sin is harmful to either YOURSELF or someone else. And, indirectly, all sin is harmful to everyone, no matter what the sin.

The best way to avoid this type of sin is to keep busy…don’t let your mind be idle! An idle mind is the devil’s playground so keep yourself busy with things, preferebly holy things. Read a book, play a game, pray, etc, etc, etc. Don’t give those unholy thoughts time to dwell and tempt. I found that when I read holy books, either about saint’s lives or anything catholic in general, really helped me to stop sinning. My mind was constantly on things of holier topics and kept my mind thinking of better things, not things of the flesh. And keep praying! Pray the rosary EVERY DAY! Mary will help you get past this sin…even when prayer doesn’t seem to help, it does help! I will pray for you as well as I once walked in your shoes. Good luck and God bless!!!


Entrust yourself to Our Lady, Mother Most Pure, Mother of Fair Love. Try to keep busy with other activities so your mind does not wonder to committing this sin.
In moments of temptations against purity, I personally find it helpful to beseech Our Lady by saying this short aspiration several times: "Look upon me with compassion; don’t abandon me my Mother!"
I’ll remember you in my prayers.


There are amny resources for battling this.

This link, a sticky thread here on this forum, can help connect you with some of these resources.

Pray for God’s help and His grace each morning when you first wake up and each night immediately before you go to bed. For example say 3 Hail Mary’s and kiss the ground as you get up and before you bed down.

St. Maria Goretti is a special help for those battling against impurity. She was a 12 year old girl who resisted a rapist and was stabbed to death for it. As she lay dying, she forgave the attempted rape and rapist. Prayers to her are very efficacious.

If you are not enrolled already, get enrolled in the Brown Scapular and wear it to bed.

Frequent confession is absolutely critical. As is meditation, ideally in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Is there a permanent Adoration Chapel near you? If so, go there regularly.

There are many who have overcome this. But they can only do it with God’s help and grace.


I have the exact same problem, except I’ve been doing it for four years. I’ve been trying over and over to stop, too. One of the things that helped me most is going to confession periodically. However, I am only 15 and I don’t want to humiliate myself in front of my family…therefore, for now, I am trying this method, and it seems to be working quite well. This may seem utterly silly, but I’m serious: do it.

  1. Go to
  2. Watch the video called “Smokin’ Smokers” and imagine it being about masturbation instead.
  3. Visualize your life ahead of you as if there is no masturbation in it. Anywhere.

Hope it helps! I’ll pray for you :slight_smile: hope you do the same to me!


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