In a time of schism, are all Catholics obliged to side with the pope?


Because of all the recent scandal lately concerning the sexual abuse in the Church, and the efforts of Francis and Benedict to cover them up (allegedly), I feel that a schism is very much possible at this point. So hypothetically, if there was for one to happen, are all Catholics obligated to side with the pope, even if one believes for him to be morally wrong?


there is no schism.
Rough times, but it isn’t 1054 yet.


I’m not sure whether schism is the right term here.

A schism is not a disgreement or criticism. Neither is it disgruntlement or defection. A schism means a group breaks away or attempts to break away specifically on the basis of heretical teachings.

Who would that group be? Who would lead it? In what way would their teachings be heretical? why would people chose to support such a group.


Catholics stay in communion with Christ’s Church. Bishops are just men. The sins of one or several bishops, even the Bishop of Rome, do not justify schism.


What fundamental teaching of the Catholic church would be the basis for such a split and how are the paths to diverge. I see no basis for schism.


It is not easy when scandal is in our church but I understand that the church is the people so we will have problems and sins. The most important is that faith in God is strong and truthful and I try to think about good things and actions that priests do. I am a fortunate person because I met priests who really love God and his calling and that is enough for me. The church (people) has enemies and sometimes aren’t outsiders but the media help with that when they tell about scandal but not the good things.


Agreed - nor even 1517 when Luther published his 95 Theses and sparked the Reformation.


Were the “popes” of Avignon considered to be schismatic?


No. They were validly elected Popes and orthodox in their teaching and belief. They just physically moved out of Rone.


I think that this does not really apply to the Western Schism. Principally a big difference of opinion.

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