In a traumatised Netherlands, faith in the EU is plummeting



Once a beacon of progressive politics, the Netherlands today is a traumatised, angry and deeply confused nation.


If just one country leaves the EU I believe it will give others the courage to do likewise :thumbsup:


On my first reading of the headline, I thought it was about faith in God plummeting in the EU. I guess that’s another story.


Hopefully if they do, the adversity they would then face would deter others from following them.

Viva EU!



The article says…

“Wilders is the sole member of the party he founded, ruling over it as undemocratically as the Arab dictators he so despises.”

Ummm…if you’re the **only **member of a party, whom or what exactly are you ruling over undemocratically?




One thing [of many] that troubles me about this, is that the US seems to follow in Europe’s footsteps. Though we are not open to the level of refugees Europe is, we still seem poised to follow Netherlands example of extremism.


Yup, It seems the whole western world wants their borders, language and culture back.

Hopefully its not to late…


Hopefully it is.

May there never be a return to the trench lines, flags and visas, and generational wars that made Europe a hellhole in the 18 and 1900s. Even if one of our candidates wants to bring the same to North America.



It is never a good strategy for the tolerant and the progressives , to bring the intolerant and the regressive into the country en masse.
Those labeled haters and bigots may have been a moderating influence at one time, if they had not been demonized and shut out.


Hopefully leftism can fall in the Netherlands and Christian democracy can gain a stronghold like it has in Germany.


Euroscepticism on rise in Europe, poll suggests

                                   I expect those favorable opinions of the EU will be changing real soon in Poland and Hungary, over the refugee crisis.


A must watch on Youtube !
Brexit the Movie


Just wait for the panicked articles that it is the fastest growing party.


At the rate it is going, it will be replaced with rape, terrorism, sharia law, and a destruction of western culture.

Um, yay?


For many Ukrainians who so dearly paid for the European dream, the result of the Dutch referendum on Ukraine, is like a dagger of Brutus


Den Haag will Ukraine-Vertrag ändern


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