In about-face, Cruz says he'll vote for Trump


Ted Cruz says he’s voting for Donald Trump for president — a shocking about-face after he rocked the Republican convention by dramatically refusing to do so.

At this point I don’t know who would care.


At the convention alot of republicans said that Cruz didn’t have to endorse Trump.
Trump himself said it wasn’t neccessary and some here on CAF said (Trump) didn’t need the endorsement from Cruz.

Well see how quickly that changes.


You got to deal with what you are given.

I am not the biggest Clinton fan but if that is who they give me then. . . . . I would have liked for it to have been Sanders but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.


It is not an “about-face.” Cruz never said that he would not vote for Trump. He just did not publicly endorse him until now.


That’s it! Cruz has endorsed trump. He’s done for sure now. I’m changing my
Mind to vote hillary.

Says no one ever.


Great news :thumbsup: I’ll take the endorsement of someone with Cruz’s strong moral convictions over those of a Bush or McCain, any day of the week.


So now Cruz is openly supporting for POTUS the same man he called,

“Pathological Liar”
“Serial Philanderer”
“Utterly Amoral”
“Sniveling Coward”

Even I have to admit that speaks more to Cruz’s character more than it does Trump’s.


This is exactly why people hate politicians. They will say whatever they think they need to say to advance their own careers. After the way Trump went way over the line attacking his wife and his father during the primaries, and consistently making references to “Lyin’ Ted,” Cruz has shown that he’s just another spineless politician who won’t even stand up for his own family. His moral compass points to wherever he thinks the most votes are.


It’s called mending fences.


It’s called fear of losing the support of the RNC (who has said they may not support those who don’t support Trump).

Politicians are politicians are politicians. They will all sell their souls to get/stay in office. This includes Cruz, Trump, Clinton, etc. It is the rare politician who does not do this, and as far as I can tell, none of those paragons ran this year (except maybe Kaisich).


Yes, he wants to run in 2018 for reelection, he needs party support.
Considering his RNC speech, I’m not sure if this will cut it though.


Cruz is very good on the issues, as just a voter, I don’t hold anything against him. In fact, I’d think less of him if he held a grudge against Trump.


Apparently the definition of “strong moral convictions” is anyone who supports Trump. :confused:


I believe that Trump spelled it “Lyen”.


Bernie Sanders called Hillary Clinton unqualified to be president but has since endorsed her. Wonder how many liberals hold that against him and think he’s a phony ?


Heard that Priebus had something to do with this …

Priebus said the former primary challengers who’ve refused to support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could face consequences if they fail to back Trump in the stretch-run to Election Day.

“Those people need to get on board,” Priebus told “Face the Nation.” “And if they’re thinking they’re going to run again some day, I think that we’re going to evaluate the process – of the nomination process and I don’t think it’s going to be that easy for them.”


It seems that some of the prior posters did not read (or hear) the reasons Cruz gave for voting for Trump. It was my opinion that he said he was going to vote for Trump but he did not endorse him. He said it was to keep Hillary from winning and taking the country down the tubes (not his exact words.)


Well why should I support Jeb or McCain? Both of them would be better off as a Democrat than a republican.


That’s what I got from his comments as well.


Agree. Cruz just cannot seem to get a break - life is hard when you are a manupulative serial backstabber. And tough to get a read on anybody no doubt from his vantage point. My guess is this endorsement of Trump, and especially now instead of at the convention, just alienates the remaining hardcore Never Trumpers and doesn’t really do much for those of us who held our nose and went in for Trump when it became clear he was the inevitable (legitimate) nominee - uh, that would be back in the primary, New York, Indiana, back then.

But I got to thinking about this - maybe Cruz really does support Trump. I have not ruled out the possibility that a) Trump could very will win the Presidency and b) be a quite good President. Cruz has a right to express his viewpoint, no matter how bad his timing is.

Also, if a Trump Presidency were to go south, and the conservatives are looking for a leader for their wing of the GOP, I think Cruz could still be an option. This endorsement will be forgiven/forgotten. And I think it could help with some - I say, some - Evangelicals, Tony Perkins types. I have not yet seen Glenn Beck’s response…the larger truth here is that, like it or not, Trump’s GOP platform is pretty darn conservative, compared to the Obama/Clinton vision for America we are currently experiencing (‘postAmerica’ if you prefer). As far as I am concerned, the National Review NeverTrumpers, Romney et al. are just looking sillier and sillier. Even if Trump blows it. Bad faith, pure and simple. I believe many of them will, after this huge hissy fit, buckle and vote for Trump. I have said many times, Trump is a better candidate than Romney, likely a better President too. No more ideologues please. We need a break, at least for awhile. A pragmatist will do just fine.

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