In acts Jesus said you shall receive power after the holy spirit comes upon you


In acts Jesus said you shall receive power after the holy spirit comes upon you. Do you know disciples. Who experienced. This? If so what power do they demonstrate?


The canonized Saints of the Catholic Church. Their power manifested itself in many and various ways. Some could read hearts. Some produced healing miracles. Some could bi-locate. Some could fly.


All the bishops I know received the power to forgive sins, offer the Eucharistic Sacrifice, to seal others in the Spirit (aka administer Confirmation), and to ordain priests, deacons, and other bishops to do those same things. :grinning:


All Christians share somewhat in Christ’s offices of priest, prophet, and king.

Baptism makes us adopted children of God and body parts of Christ’s Body, by the power of the Holy Spirit coming upon us in the water and chrism.

Confirmation allows the Holy Spirit to seal our baptisms and strengthen us with many blessings, including His seven Gifts.

Matrimony joins a man and a woman in a holy state of unity that lasts until death takes one or the other.

Ordination gives a man several sacred powers, as noted above.

I don’t think it’s particularly unusual to see people using their gifts in a way that is clearly filled with the Holy Spirit. I also think that we often fail to notice what the Holy Spirit is doing in us, or in other people, because He is often subtle and gentle. But He is also good at whacking us with a sudden clue by four, and making us notice!

(I get the feeling that the Holy Spirit has a pretty good sense of humor about doing reveals to us… usually right after we complain that He’s not doing anything…)


If we want to get personal… heck, just yesterday I did a reading for Mass. I had planned out how I was going to read it, but it got away from me. It came out different and better. And that’s a pretty normal experience of the Holy Spirit for those of us with gifts for performance.

The prophets were messengers or ambassadors, receiving and carrying God’s word to his people. (“Thus says X” was a standard formula in the letters of Middle Eastern kings to their subjects. It was also a proclamation that the messenger wasn’t putting in his own words.) When we read the readings at Mass, we are performing part of the duties of a prophet. So it is not unusual that a person would receive something of a prophet’s gifts, to be able to carry out the job.

However, the really important gift is given to the people listening. They often each receive a specific message from God, even though the same words are being said to everyone. To be able to receive and understand God’s word is also a little bit prophetic; and it can bear a lot better fruit for that specific person if they receive His word with love.

So yeah, the showier, more noticeable gifts are important for getting people’s attention and fixing it on God. But the more important, deeper gifts are often invisible, except through the fruit they bear.


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