In addition to exporting 'aids' to Africa, relativism advocacy gets on the ship too

The government of my country (Nigeria) recently passed an anti-gay marriage law and guess what, the government is under pressure from many western governments including the United Nations to repeal the law. So many NGOs are coming in to “preach” the freedom of choice theory and its getting worse.

I really got interested in this topic of truth and relativism while watching EWTN during lunch at work one day and the programme was Faith and Culture. Though stuffs like that don’t make the topics in my part of the world but reading further, I realised that its as much an issue for us as it is in the west. Also, my undergraduate thesis was on jurisprudence, legal consequences of same sex marriages so it is a topic I am passionate about.

A few days after, on EWTN I heard a Supreme Court had held laws banning gay marriages as unconstitutional and this interested me and so shortly after, I wrote a song, ONE TRUTH. It became the the last additional to a Marian album we just recently realised as part of what we call the ‘Passionately Marian Initiative’. Its geared at using songs, dramas, general the arts, as a means of impacting core catholic teachings through our Lady as our channel. I have below a link with the song from the album which we imposed on the performance at our first concert. The initiative is work in progress and your advice and prayers on how this initiative can truly respond to the call of our Holy Father on the new evangelisation will be welcomed. Plus, I am also thinking about how to also use the Initiative to counter the rising call for the abolition of the anti-gay marriage law, ideas are welcomed.

Lyric below since the accent may get in the way

One Truth

The world wants us to believe a lie
They tell us that the truth is what we say it is
The tell us its our choice its our slice of pie
It okay, its relative, its just who one is

So we then justify our lies
We then justify our vice
We then say that black is white and think that it’s okay

Where is the truth…
Reveal to me, Holy Mother please reveal the truth to me

Some say what a woman does with her body is her choice
What two men do behind closed doors is their choice
They tell us that morality has no place in law
Its okay human rights give us choice by law

So if two men have a choice
yet a baby has no choice
how can we believe that its okay?


there is only one truth
Jesus Christ my son
He said He is the way truth and life
So if you seek the truth then you must find Him
Only one truth
Jesus Christ the Lord, He’s is the way the truth and Life.

I’m neither a poet nor very musical, but your concern is certainly justified. In the world it is a case of the " blind leading the blind. " You would think the NGOs would realize that Nigeria has enough problems without having to endure Western propaganda. Tell them to go " pound sand " :D.


Exactly, one of the main problem being that the Muslims in the North want to “Islamise” the Country and have been killing Christians in drones. We are enduring one of the worse cases of terrorism, the sect boko harem is a real menace for the country now. Boko harem means western education is sinful. Having western propaganda supporting something almost all religion proclaim as evil just goes to give the sect more basis for their devilish acts.

God help us

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