In advance of the proposed wedding date


At your church, how soon must the marriage be arranged in advance of the proposed wedding date?


Our parish says six months.


Yes, six months is what I’ve always heard as well. I’m sure exceptions could be made on a case by case basis, but six months is a fair standard. It gives you time to get your marriage prep done as well as complete any diocesan-required classes and tests.

Our parish also does the wedding banns for a period of 3 consecutive weeks, where if anyone sees any impediment to the couple getting married they are required to notify the pastor. These banns are placed in our weekly bulletin.


They ask for six months but they’ll work with you if that isn’t possible.


Six months


You getting married Cyril? I hope she like to answer questions…


In my Church they usually request arrangements be made at least 6 months in advance.


Is there a “standard” set forth in some obscure document that the more “liberal” parishes are not following…or something?

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One year and you must be an attending, participating member during that time.


The parish in which I was married also says 6 months, but didn’t bat an eye when we proposed a wedding date 4 months out. 6 months was definitely a guideline, but not set in stone.

My current parish doesn’t set any particular time frame. It is on a case-by-case basis.


Our parish says at least six months. Probably more if you want a specific day and time. I think we are booked pretty solid for Saturdays for six months or more in advance.


At least six months for my parish. And it is advised that couples contact the parish as soon as they are engaged. Couples are not allowed to set a date for the wedding until they have actually met with a priest or deacon and he has ascertained that the couple is free to marry.


My diocese says a minimum of 9 months.


6 months. But as someone else has said, they’ll work with you if it has to be shorter. Since our pastor himself prepares the couple for marriage, if they show up with all the required documents and it’s a straightforward, Catholic marriage, there is no Church law that says it can’t happen in 2 or 3 months. That’s not saying the priest will be free on your preferred date.

I saw my Pastor on the 14th of July, back when you needed a dispensation to marry a baptized non-Catholic. We were married on the 24th of October and my pastor never met my husband until he greeted us at the door of the church just before the ceremony.


Does a Francophone need dispensation to marry an Anglophone?

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But she plays the piano. That must count for something. :slight_smile:


Nine months


In my parish, it’s a year.


It doesn’t count for much, apparently. :blush:
When I got married (in a parish where I was the Music Director for 16 years) they charged me a huge fee for the church and the pastor said the date should be chosen by HIM not me.
That’s when I took a job at another parish. :thumbsup:


I’ve seen both 6 months and 9 months with 6 months a little more, but 9 months frequently too.


At the Catholic church here the time is six months.

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