In any language, Chicago still a big talker,0,3295326.story

…Chicago still has more Polish speakers than any other American city. Its enduring linguistic stew ranks it among the top four cities with speakers of Arabic (4th), German (2nd), Greek (2nd), Gujarati (2nd), Hindi (3rd), Hungarian (4th), Italian (3rd), Korean (4th), Russian (3rd), Serbo-Croatian (2nd), Spanish (4th) and Urdu (2nd).

While the report documented a big increase in Spanish speakers throughout the U.S., Spanish now is spoken by almost a million people in Chicago and its nearby suburbs — a number equal to one-third of Cook County residents who report knowing only English, the report showed.

“That’s the story of Chicago. It’s no longer No. 1 in foreign-language speakers, but it always comes in second, third or fourth,” said demographer Rob Paral, a Chicago-based research fellow with the American Immigration Law Foundation. …

I live in a neighborhood of Chicago where there are a lot of different ethnic groups. Back in the 1990s there was a report that the student body at the local high school we linguistically diverse to the point that there were 64 different languages in the home.

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