In anyone here in ICRSS's Pre-Seminarian Program?

I received some vocation information for the Institute of Christ the King today. :extrahappy: :extrahappy: In any case it mentions a pre-seminary program. I just wanted to know what it is like - is it only in the U.S.? Or can you do this program in Italy? Can you take some personal effects for your “room”? Do you have to share a room? What is the schedule? What time is Mass at?


Send CatholicNick and Resurrexit a PM. They are both in ICRSS, and one of them is in pre formation.
Caesar is going to the ICRSS, too.

The pre-seminary program is part of the Institute’s formation in both the United States and Europe. The American preformation house is attached to the Oratory in St. Louis while the European preformation house is in Bavaria. This program is primarily to provide a grounding in French, since that is the language used at the seminary in Gricigliano.

The preformation program operates in a similar way to the seminary program. Daily Mass, Rosary and the Divine Office (public lauds and vespers, private sext and compline). Studies are French, Latin and introductory Liturgical studies. There are also daily chores as well (at Gricigliano the seminarians tend the olive trees and the vineyard).

I think that you would share a room, personal affects are allowed. Email is allowed but use of the internet is restricted; you have to get permission from your superiors.

Send CatholicNick and Resurrexit a PM. They are both in ICRSS, and one of them is in pre formation.
Caesar is going to the ICRSS, too.

CatholicNick left for the seminary a couple weeks ago, I dont know if he will be going to preformation or not (depends on his grasp of French I guess). Resurrexit is going to preformation in Bavaria next month.

And I’m hoping to go into the Institute next year. I’ll be meeting with Msgr. Schmitz next month :slight_smile:

Do they still teach you French in Barvaria?


Yes, the preformation house in Bavaria is for english-speaking seminarians. There are other houses for those from France and Germany and such.

I used to IM CatholicNick. I think he is already in the seminary so he probably can’t communicate via PM, message boards, email, etc. very much.

That’s what I was thinking, too. He and Scotty have both been offline for a few weeks now.

Resurrexit said the school for teaching French in France burnt down last summer, so now they are sending the seminarians to Bavaria for now.

Well I’m not sure if I’m called to the priesthood or not (or exactly how I’ll embrace that call if I am…) but I feel that I would like to enter the pre-seminary program for several reasons, such as exposing myself to the religious life, giving me time to decide, learning (languages, theology), living in a foreign country, etc.


It’s meant for discerning, isn’t it? Sounds like a good idea for you to go and do just that.:slight_smile: Then you will know for sure.

Thanks. :wink:



I suggest that you get in contact with Msgr. Schmitz. He meets all the applicants in person, and you will have a chance to stay at the Institute’s priory in Chicago for a couple of days, during which time you will get to experience a routine similar to the preformation, with daily Mass, praying the Offices, talking with priests and the other men in preformation. Even that short stay should be very helpful in your discernment.

Scott is going to Bavaria in October, but he’s been traveling a lot recently, which explains his absence from these boards. Nick left for the seminary a couple weeks ago. I talked with both of them on MSN frequently, and had the chance to say goodbye to Nick when he left.

We actually had a nice little group of ICRSS aspirants togather on MSN and Paltalk.

The only thing is that my chances of going to Chicago are about 0.000%


Why is that, if I may ask?

There isn’t just one reason. It’s just that it seems impossible that I’d go to Chicago any time soon. I don’t live around there so I’ll have to take a plane trip. I’m sure that I’d need some adult to come along. It’ll probably cost money.


I just asked my mom if she wanted to take me to Chicago she said no (or something to that effect), and then asked why. I told here that Monsignor Schmitz (sp) meets all the candidates in person. It ended with her walking away with a “ppppfffffffft” and a “guess we’re not going there”.


Catholig, that sounds like a typical parental put you off response. Your mom probably doesn’t even realize why you want to go and what it means to you. Parents have a way of saying no too quickly, without even really listening first. (It’s a learned response to the Mom, can I…question). Tell your mom or your dad that you need to talk to them about something important to you and get them to pay attention. And pray about it first. :slight_smile:

Hey Catholicg

Hope you can get your parents to help you out. My prayers are with you.

I don’t know how old you are, but I can’t think of a reason why you would need your parents to come with you. I went about 2 months ago and am going back next month. The money is only needed for the plane trip and for the taxi ride to the priory. At least this was all for me. They took me back to the airport when I left and I ate with them, so no need for going out to dinner. I had cash, but did not need it.

Again my prayers are with you,


How old are you? Do your parents know what your true reason is to go? Do they feel it is because of a calling by God? Or do they feel that it is just a trip to see other parts of the world?

If it is lack of money and you have a calling to the priesthood then God will provide you a means to earn the money so you can go in God’s time. There is a time and a season for all things.

Parental resistance of a religious vocation is a pretty serious thing. That said, many saints faced this problem and found ways to overcome the obstacle; Saint Gerard Majella comes to mind but the cases in Church History are too many to count. If you really believe that your vacation is/might be to the priesthood then above all PRAY about it. Second, confide in a good spiritual director. Third, to the degree it isn’t contradictory to the moral order, practice obedience to your parents. The more you submit now and cultivate obedience the more easily this virtue will be for you in the religious life and the more graces you’ll gain in the process (graces you – and any spiritual wards you might have – will need!). Speaking of spiritual wards, start praying now for “those souls whom God will entrust to your care.” Whether you become a priest and care for souls in the confessional or end up a marrying and having a wife and children entrusted to your spiritual leadership, start praying now that God’s grace will overcome the nothingness that you are (that we all are) and that you’ll be given all the graced needed to lead other souls to heaven.

While parents have many graces of state in raising children, they don’t have the grace of state to identify and cultivate a religious vocation. That’s what a good spiritual director is for. If the time comes for you to depart for a religious vocation despite your parents’ objections, your priest will guide you on that.

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