In big shift, Pope names 6 women to Vatican senior official roles

It’s all over the news, Catholic source:

In big shift, Pope names 6 women to Vatican senior official roles

The appointments to one of the Holy See’s most important offices marked the latest attempt by the pope to keep promises to improve gender balance made years ago.


AUGUST 6, 2020 17:05

Pope Francis has appointed six women, including the former treasurer for Britain’s Prince Charles, to the council that oversees Vatican finances, naming them in one fell swoop to some of the most senior roles.

The appointments to one of the Holy See’s most important offices marked the latest attempt by the pope to keep promises to improve gender balance made years ago but which women’s groups have said were too slow in being realized.

Francis has already appointed women as deputy foreign minister, director of the Vatican Museums, and deputy head of the Vatican Press Office, as well as four women as councillors to the Synod of Bishops, which prepares major meetings.

See more at link. This is Reuters, so, I’m sure they are earnest in reporting but I’m not always sure of their accuracy.

Even the Wall Street Journal is reporting this.


I think this is great. The parish pastor must always be a (male) priest. The bishop of the local Church must also be a (male) bishop. They exercise the kingship of Christ in this way. …but, I don’t understand why every administrative position at the Vatican has traditionally been filled by a bishop just “because”.


Loyalty, training, formation, experience, loyalty, obedience?

Unless there is some intrinsic connection to Holy Orders, anything that can be done by a layman can also be done by a laywoman. We have plenty of female employees and members of parish councils and committees at the parish level (it’s probably majority women, just ask Susan from the Parish Council) and even the diocesan level. I don’t see why employees and those working in bureaucratic administrative positions in Rome can’t be women too (as long as they are the best for the job, and it’s not tokenism). I don’t see this as a big story really.


Perhaps this will change in the future. At least the local Catholic priest has come out as strongly in favor of women being ordained as priests.

I think that this is great.

No reason why a woman can’t fill important functions in the Vatican.

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It cannot change. It’s like saying “maybe gravity will all of a sudden at all places go away.”

It’s physically impossible, no matter what labels are applied.


Yeah and some Russian Orthodox clergy came out in support of Stalin… that doesn’t mean Orthodoxy will embrace communism and totalitarianism and genocide.

The Church is clear… women cannot be priests. Period.


Lord willing no!
The role of women in the Church does not include them being ordained as priests.

The issue of women priests has been settled.

No reason to get all worked about it.


Sorry to burst the bubble, but it has been consistently taught, by God Himself, that the Church has no authority to ordain women. Not because women aren’t ‘good enough’, but because God has chosen it to be so. For all you know, it’s because men inherently aren’t as worthy as any given woman and NEED to have the humility forced upon them as priests because otherwise the male half of humanity would become unbearable.

God’s fairness trumps our ‘woke’ culture.


Not only that, but it has been my experience that the priests who are all for ‘women’s ordination’ are usually all too eager to jettison other Church teachings and wind up preaching that ‘different gospel’ that we’ve been warned about. Including rejecting God Himself.


When and where did God Himself teach this? If you let me know, I can pass this information along to the local priest.

Oh gee. Well, let’s take the fact that the Jewish people only ordained men to the priesthood, despite the world’s populations at that time either totally having women for the job or having a ‘mixed’ male and female group.

Let’s take the fact that from the time of the apostles on, the criteria for sacramental priesthood was a baptized male.

Let’s take the fact that as recently as the end of the 20th century, when people were murmuring post the debacle of ‘women priests’ in the Episcopal Church and ‘women pastors’ in others, Pope ST. John Paul II published in his apostolic letter Sacerdotalis Ordinatio exactly what I just said that the Catholic Church has no authority to ordain women, and this was then confirmed by Pope Benedict XVI.

Now, tell me that in matters with regard to faith and morals, does the Church ‘make up’ doctrines or does it, and has it, continued to teach only what doctrines have been revealed by God Himself—Father, Son, or Holy Spirit (the latter of whom we were guaranteed would lead us to all Truth).

Therefore, dogma and doctrine which the Church proclaims is not something ‘from men’ but is preserved teaching directly from God, to be guarded by the Church and consistently taught.

HAS the Church ever ‘reversed’ itself from such dogma and doctrine? NO, it has not.

Now if you feel that you can make a claim that the idea of ordination of women has ever been a teaching of the Church (I am speaking of priestly ordination, performed by the entire Church, ratified by the Pope and all his bishops, and contained as a dogmatic teaching in the Magesterium of the Church), and that as such it is itself a teaching from God, and NOT a change that is proposed as a complete and total change to the Church’s continual teaching, have at it. Surely if there is a ‘deepening development’ to a dogma or doctrine, the roots of that development will be likewise found as far back as the original teaching.

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Just a note: the Church is feminine, and neuter pronouns are inappropriate.

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But today there are women Jewish rabbis? Did God teach that a woman could be a rabbi? Where did God Himself teach that the Church has no authority to ordain women ?

Oh, are you only accepting the word of God in the Bible, as in “thou shalt not ordain women?”

Pray tell where did you get that Bible?

Who interprets the Bible? It is not self-interpreting and it did not assemble or codify itself from all the spoken and written Scriptures.

If you accept the Bible, it came from the Catholic Church. And you should also accept that the Church is the interpreter of Scripture. Do you accept that?

Also you should be aware that not all Jewish people accept women rabbis.

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I realize this has nothing to do with much of anything, but I’ve had two dreams where they needed Confessors because Priests were suddenly no longer doing this or available, and so lay women were being brought into such positions…

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I bought it at the local Catholic bookstore. BTW, where did God Himself say that the Church has no authority to ordain women ?

Well, even though women are not ordained, Catholic women run convents, abbeys and congregations; they’ve been headmistresses of Catholic schools and run Catholic hospitals. There was even a monastery in France in medieval days where there were two adjoined monasteries, one of men, one of women. The abbess ruled over both and had authority over the male monks.

No reason why they cannot serve in key positions at the Vatican. Especially financial positions. My experience with the local Benedictine nuns and the sisters that ran a hospital I once worked in as a student during summer break, is that they are very frugal and careful with money!

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