In Bishop's Presence, Big-City Mayor, Duberte, Vows to Pay for Cussing


Now running for President of the Philippines, he gave a nationally-televised speech laced with swear words, and in which he cussed the Pope because of the terrible traffic jam in Manila during the Pope’s visit a few months ago. Greatly subdued now and saying he had a change of heart, he met with the bishop of his city, Davao, during which, Duterte said, the bishop admonished him and lectured him on Christian values. And during this meeting Duberte promised he would lessen his use of cuss words, and said he would pay 1,000 pesos (22 dollars in U.S. money) to the charity Caritas every time he used a swear word. In fact, during his hour-long meeting with the bishop, he used cuss words two times, and immediately paid the fine.
He is the mayor of Davao, a city of one and a half million people.
This all could only happen in a Catholic country. 85% of the people of the Philippines are Catholic.
More on this is provided in the news article, “I will donate P1,000 to Caritas Per Curse Word, Duberte Says” at


From my travels, I think it could only happen in the Philippines! Merry Christmas to you all!


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