In Britain; PETER HITCHENS: How long before small boys here ask: A church? What’s that, Grandad?

I had hoped to have a sort of Christmas truce this week, but the controversy just keeps on raging, drowning out the choirs and bells.

And one of the problems is Christmas itself. How much longer will it exist in the form we know today?

I fear it won’t be much longer. Many of its traditions are visibly dying. Teachers complain that children don’t know the carols any more, because their parents don’t know them either.

At a couple of packed services during Advent (a season many haven’t heard of), I’ve noticed that large numbers of adults stand with their lips not moving during the singing of these simple, easily mastered songs.

Perhaps they’re humming, or struck dumb with awe, but it looks to me as if they are just completely unfamiliar with words or music and don’t know what to do.

For the moment, they still think they should come to church, but for how much longer?

A few days ago I heard a story from the former East Germany, where Christianity was coldly tolerated but officially discouraged, and as far as possible denied to children.

This created a mixture of hostility and indifference that has not been overcome in the 20 years since the regime collapsed. The link between people and Christianity, many centuries old, has now been broken.

A small boy was walking with his grandparent past a church in a small town in Brandenburg. ‘What’s that strange building? What’s it for?’ he asked.

But East Germany wasn’t half as subtle as the politically correct revolutionaries who run this country. Our lot are far cleverer.

They hope to destroy the Christian religion through a thousand regulations. But first they have to rob it of its ancient standing by treating it as equal (if not slightly inferior) to Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

The modern Left don’t hate these religions, because they are not their own and they weren’t brought up in them.

So they love celebrating Eid and Diwali in schools, and smile indulgently at public employees who take Muslim religious holidays or go on pilgrimage.

And now, increasingly, we see a freezing official intolerance of Christianity in the State sector,a campaign that will be spread to the private sector eventually by cunning regulation and the rules over awarding contracts.

I believe in a pretty reserved sort of religion myself, and wouldn’t necessarily welcome it if a nurse or a teacher offered to pray for me.

But I think I could make the point politely myself. What is actively sinister is the way that such people are now threatened with disciplinary action.

It is quite a small thing now. But if you study the binding codes of conduct and practice of many trades and professions, you will find that they all contain the same little provision. You must promote equality and support diversity.

This rule comes from the EU, which makes most of our laws, and which recently refused to put any mention of Christianity, the basis of European civilisation, in its constitution.

Equality and diversity are codewords for political correctness, and these codes make it compulsory.

Watch out for increasing attacks on Christian State schools, on official or public celebration of Christian festivals. The word ‘Christmas’ is already slipping out of use in police forces and local authorities.

If you don’t protest, these will succeed. By the time the BBC relegates Carols From King’s to a special minority channel, replacing it with a football match or a ‘special Holiday edition of Strictly Come Dancing’, we will be so used to this sort of thing that we will barely notice it. And then Christmas will be gone.

Ain’t gonna happen, Hitchie. Christ said the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church, and He does not lie.

After the entire official organs of the Roman Empire, the French Revolution, Nazi Germany, and Communist China , not to mention the rise of Islam and the Protestant Reformation, failed to wipe out Christianity, it always amuses me to see these guys like Hitchens come along and make their profound statements. Wishful thinking doesn’t make it so, no matter how much you might want it to happen.

I agree…but I think it dangerous to just sit by

Peter Hitchens is actually a christian so he views the war on christmas as something negative. The gates of hell isn’t a promise that the UK will remain christian so it is very important that Christian Brits fight to preserver their heritage.

is peter hitchens any relation to christopher hitchens? i believe that christopher hitchens is an atheist, so i admore peter for sticking to his beliefs.

Peter Hitchens is his brother. Strange isn’t it? Two brothers, one a militant atheist, one conservative Christian.

i have watched christopher hitchens on a number of shows and he is highly intelligent, but seems very angry! we can only pray that someday he will open his eyes and his brother peter will be able to reach him before it is too late.

I agree. There is no guarantee that the UK or Germany for that matter will be at all Christian in the next thirty years. There was a point where places like Turkey, and North Africa and the Middle East were the hub of the Christian world, and now the flock has been reduced to small percentages of the population,and their Christian influence even less.

Two thousand years of living in the end times may well be but like a second of so to God, but for we humans it is spans into generations too great in number and distant in time to be remembered. The gates of hell may well not prevail, eventually, but in the meantime, millennium without the light of Christ may well pass for huge swaths of suffering humanity.

The lights are going out all over Europe.

Wolesley, you have pointed out a profound hurdle which confounds the atheists who depend on reason alone to hail this impending demise of the Christ’s Bride on Earth: That being, Its “unreasonable” survival for over two millenia despite all of those things which you mentioned, and so many others, which have conspired to destroy Her. There is no other explanation for the Church’s longevity but that it has been graced by God and blessed by His son, Jesus Christ. Trying to use rational computation, reason and logic alone to explain the Church’s longevity must cause great conternation to those who would have these philosophical precepts replace the very things which these tools fail to explain. Also, Wolesley, for someone so wise, I would have thought you would have chosen a better moniker…say, St.Thomas Moore

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