In case of emergency please call a priest

If something happen to me I would like a priest to be called what would you like?

Should you choose between a priest or a scapula or a Rosary or calling a family member?

If the emergency is life threatening, call a priest.

If an emergency is not so life threatening, just inconvenient, call family member or friend.

Wearing a scapular is fine; saying the Rosary is always a good thing.

I always wear a medal around my neck that says …I am Catholic Please call a Priest

Since my husband is not a Catholic, I worry that he might not fully grasp the urgency of my need for a priest if something life threatening happens to me. I pray that I am blest with recieving Last Rites/Anointing of the Sick before I meet Jesus.

Like so many things this is a bit subjective.

If it is a life threatening emergency and I am in need of absolution, please call a priest. If the basement is flooding, please call upon the intercession of St. Vincent. If my kid is in trouble, … well, you get the idea.

In the strictest sense of what you asked, I should have my scapular on me and my rosary with me all that is left is calling a priest to give the apostolic blessing and anointing of the sick.


No need to choose! In this circumstance, Catholicism is not a faith of “either this or that”, but of both this and that. Under danger of death, the Sacrament of Anointing is potentially available to all souls, and not just Catholics.

If something happen to me… PLEASE CALL AN AMBULANCE :eek:


When I fell & had a concussion, my husband took me to ER. He then called the parish to put me on the prayer line. Our priest overheard the call & came to the hospital right away to see how I was & pray for me.

Small towns are great! :smiley:

Medical help first obviously, then if life threatening a priest.

I wear the miraculous metal - there will be no doubt that I will be identified as a Catholic and hopefully a priest will be called.

The only problem with that is if the person assisting you isn’t Catholic, how will they know what the miraculous metal means and that it identifies you as a Catholic?

Because its the Virgin Mary. Anglicans and Lutherans do honor our Holy Mother - I am pretty confident that I will be identified as a Catholic especially if a Catholic priest is present. What other Christian faith is going to wear a medal depicting the Virgin Mary. I am also confident that she will intervene and make it so.

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