In Chicago, distrust toward mayor has turned ‘personal’


Washington Post:

In Chicago, distrust toward mayor has turned ‘personal’

CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel cut short a family vacation this past week and returned to a city in crisis: On the North Side, more than a dozen people stood outside his house, hurling insults. On the West Side, a close aide was punched and kicked while attending a prayer vigil for a police shooting victim. And all week long, there were protesters, haunting one of Emanuel’s biggest political donors, haranguing his police force, beating a papier-mâché likeness of his face at City Hall.

More than a month has passed since a judge forced Emanuel (D) and other city officials to release a graphic video of a white Chicago police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times.But public anger over the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald in October 2014 has not dissipated. Instead, it has grown bitter and more personal.
“Oh, it’s personal, all right. We’re making it personal,” yelled Ja’Mal Green, 20, a former Emanuel supporter who spent hours in bone-cold weather on the sidewalk outside the mayor’s spacious Ravenswood home, mocking him and urging him to resign.

The protests reflect frustration with chronic problems Emanuel inherited in Chicago, a city long plagued by police brutality, failing schools, rampant gang violence and dire *finances. But as Emanuel enters his second term, critics say he has deepened distrust in City Hall through a string of scandals affecting his administration, a lack of transparency and his abrasive personal style.


Sad all the way around…for the people, for the city, for America…


I find the focus on Rahm to be highly encouraging.

From the beginning, **BLM **should have been focused on replacing their City political leaders, the people that hire the police, control the review boards, and provide the operating budgets.


Chicago has been a democratic bulwark for decades. Who do you think would replace the current crop of political leaders? It will just be more democrats who have brought the city to ruin!

Meet the new boss…same as the old boss.


Progressives eating their own.


Maybe and maybe not,
Their only chance at reform is from within, by some faction taking advantage of this crisis.


Every city in America that is controlled by democrats are having the same problems. What makes you think that a new batch of pre-corrupt democrats are going to do anything different to alleviate the near un-overcomable problems?


In a democrat controlled location, the smart opposition runs from within the Dem party. Running as a Rep is as futile as running as a third party.


Do you honestly believe that there is a group of democrats in Chicago who are tuned into fiscal responsibility and the end of political corruption in one of the worst cities in the U.S. known for its corruption?


No, but the first cracks in the party stronghold will come from within. Pressure for fiscal responsibility is coming from outside forces, which oddly is part of the reason Rahm has lost support.

Where there is money involved, I doubt you can eliminate all corruption.


A family vacation to Cuba.

And I’m wondering if anyone in Chicago will ever reconsider their support for the political machine they claim to hate so much?


The reason for Rahm’s lost support was the fact that he withheld video of police shooting an unarmed black youth until he won re-election. It’s got nothing to do with fiscal responsibility.


That machine stayed in power by promising goodies to unions and minorities, but mostly power to the people who voted for them. Police, fire fighters, teachers, and other public employee unions were the base of machine support. Until they understand those promises can’t be kept they will keep voting for the people who promise them the most.

The delicate balance between Chicago and the rest of Illinois has been tilting to the suburbs and downstate for decades. For a while extra money to Chicago in order to keep Chicago’s problems out of the suburbs seemed worth the cost, but no more. Eventually major cities like Chicago, Saint Louis, Detroit, and Baltimore will have to reform themselves or become the stuff of movies like Escape From New York.


While the video is a serious blow, I thought he started losing support when the financial crisis forced him to raise taxes and start squeezing Education. The unions were not happy with the lay-offs.


Rahm Emanuel is a weak leader like Obama.


I disagree that Obama is a weak leader. I believe very little that seems to go wrong with this administration is entirely accidental.



Yea, I’d say Obama is a strong Ideologue rather than a politician. In contrast Bill Clinton was a Politician, he knew when to bend thus racking up a good record in spite of not having legislative support.

Obama has so many failures because he prefers to beat his head against the wall.


Or go around the constitution and Congress to get what he wants. I think Hillary is more like Obama.



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