In Chicago, Pope Francis Agenda has a champion in Cupich

CHICAGO – In the weeks leading up to his installation as Chicago’s ninth archbishop, Blase Cupich quipped to reporters that the pope was sending a pastor, not a message, in naming this low-profile church moderate to lead 2.2 million Catholics here.

But over the course of a two-day ceremony at Holy Name Cathedral this week, Cupich offered a message of his own both to Chicago Catholics and his brother bishops: the progressive wing of American Catholicism has a powerful new friend in one of America’s most important dioceses.

In homilies delivered at two services, Cupich quoted Pope Francis and called on the Church to engage the world while being open to change.

There was no mention of abortion, or contraception, or gay marriage. Instead, Cupich spoke of the vulnerable, the poor, the weak, the lost, the forlorn, those who are adrift. He spoke of mercy, joy, and compassion, and dismissed anger, harshness, and fear.

“Simply put, we are to join Christ in seeking out, inviting, and accompanying, by abiding with those to whom he sends us. Each one of those aspects of our mission, seeking out, inviting, and accompanying deserves a closer look,” Cupich said Tuesday during his installation Mass, with dozens of bishops from around the United States and scores of priests from Chicago and beyond looking on.

Cardinal Francis George, who is considered the intellectual leader of conservative Catholic bishops, attended the services, the first Chicago archbishop alive to see his successor. Cupich praised his leadership, and announced that the Eucharistic prayer would include prayers for George as “bishop emeritus,” a tribute to his 17-year legacy.

Thanks, gilliam. Leave it to the fish wrap media to start trouble.

Reading the article must make the gullible and uninformed wonder what the “progressive wing of American Catholicism” wants that so-called “conservatives” don’t.

“Cupich spoke of the vulnerable, the poor, the weak, the lost, the forlorn, those who are adrift. He spoke of mercy, joy, and compassion, and dismissed anger, harshness, and fear.” So is the message supposed to be that those things are foreign to so-called conservatives, and that the policies of conservative Cardinal George are to be replaced by Archbishop Cupich, who will finally set things right?

Thanks for posting this! I’m praying that the new archbishop does, infact, support Papa Francis. His Holiness is our hope for the Church continuing to be revelant in our world. :rolleyes:

Yes, unfortunately, that’s exactly what the message is supposed to be (from Crux that is, not from Archbp Cupich).


faints from irony

The new Archbishop will soon personally encounter, if he hasn’t already, many of the homeless and the poor. (Some of them camp out at the Cathedral. I’ve been there.) He will soon experience the subzero climate of the city in those winter months as well.

Please stop commenting on me.

Speaking of fish wrap, here is a prime example of the electronic type:

Fox News leadership, while hardly an enemy of orthodox Catholicism, will choose controver$y over truth every time.

I actually live in Chicago and and from what I saw of abc’s coverage was extremely activist. Every word they said focused on how Francis set an example with an inclusive Bishop who was open to change. They also made it very clear to Cupich was pro illegal immigration. In short the coverage was annoying and agenda driven

This can’t be too thrilling for conservatives in the archdiocese.

I don’t doubt it. Unlike Fox, however, ABC seems to dislike Catholic orthodoxy because orthodox Catholicism goes hand in hand with traditional America/Political Conservatism.

Thanks for the comic relief.

Yes, the same way it is portrayed that before Pope Francis, we never had kind, merciful and compassionate popes. Or real Catholicism. But, now, finally after two thousand years, all will be well. :rolleyes:


In regards to Fr. Phlager,

It’s actually a no-brainer given the sneaky way IL politicians complied with the legal ruling requiring them to pass a concealed-carry law. In IL, building owners are required to post no-gun signage at building entrances if they are not allowed in the building. Building owners who do NOT post such signs have been set up by the concealed carry law to have liability for any gun violence that occurs within this building.

My employer has the ‘no guns’ sign posted at the building even though he has no personal objection to it. His liability insurer demands it of us.

The Chicago archdiocese is enormous and the bishop, it seems to me, has very little real influence on what goes on here. I doubt there will be any real change on the ground resulting from the new bishop. Cardinal George hasn’t been to my neck of the diocese the entire time I’ve lived out here (far W Cook Co) as far as I know.

Pope Francis has an agenda??

Chicago has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation already, to what result?

I support peace. I support pastors speaking about peace. I don’t support using social issues as a launching pad for agendas that are disconnected from truth.

Because you cannot carry a concealed weapon at Mass? Archbishop Gregory issued a similar edict concerning a Georgia law to allow people to bring weapons into houses of worship.

I respect the shepherds voice.
But the logic is hard to follow.

Are people checking prescription meds at the door as well? How many people do drugs kill compared to firearms?
The objection is that meds can’t kill 10 people in 10 seconds. I get that. But if someone wants to walk into -anywhere- and shoot… bank, church building, high school football game, is the prohibition of a pastor, a banker, an athletic director going to keep a killer from accomplishing evil? No.
But it will keep those law abiding citizens that carry weapons from helping the innocent, cause they are the ones that will check weapons at the door out of respect for the law.

The whole issue in relation to the Church is just silly. It’s well meaning pastors latching onto an agenda and “carrying” it into the Church where it doesn’t belong.

Fair enough, but I don’t think all the issues between the priest and Cardinal George concerned guns in church.

I thought one part of being Christian is being willing to be a martyr. Perhaps one part of that is being unarmed during Mass and accepting the Lord’s protection and his will.

And while Father Pfleger has gotten too overtly political at times, there is a serious issue with gang violence in certain areas of Chicago which he has brought attention to. Chicago is a very segregated city. I have lived here all my life and have always felt safe so it is difficult to remember that there are areas of the city where there are daily shootings. Banning guns on Church property is a symbolic gesture. (I think many already do. I know mine does.) But I do hope that Cupich uses some of the goodwill that he’s bought himself in Chi-town to help with the violence situation. The Catholic Church really hasn’t been that involved in the situation; I think perhaps Cardinal George’s frail health might have something to do with it.

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