In China, 20,000 baptized at Easter; government alarmed by Church growth [CC]


“An estimated 20,000 people were baptized on Easter night” in China, the AsiaNews service reports.Despite the disapproval of the Communist regime, converts continue to enter …





This is good news. :slight_smile:


To the ends of the Earth!



I wonder if this includes Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan…
Great to see more people in Mainland China becoming exposed to Catholicism! :slight_smile:


This is great to hear, but why would the Govt be alarmed or worried about this?

I dont think a major rise in Christian figures would alarm our Govt here in the US, I mean, we already have millions here, yet there has been no uprisings or other problems…??


because it is China! have you ever heard of communism?


Praise God!:cool:


Maybe it will turn out to be like the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire…


China is communist and HATES Christianity. That is why the church there has to meet in secret.


For some reason, I thought the Catholic Church was not allowed in China.

Anyways, this is great news! God is at work in that country.


This is awesome news!

That said, one part of the article was a bit confusing. It seemed to state that Protestant Christianity is growing faster than Catholicism in China. Is that true?


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