In Christ's Passion, who am I like? Pope asks in Palm Sunday homily [CWN]

In his homily at Palm Sunday Mass, Pope Francis told those assembled in St. Peter’s Square that “we might well ask ourselves just one question: Who am I? Who am I, before my Lord?” "We …


Apostle Thomas. (I do “gloom” really well!):blush:

“Disciples who fell asleep” sounds an awful lot like me. :blush:

What an apt question for us to consider during Holy Week!
Had I been there THEN, I would like to think I wouldn’t have erred the way any of them did who didn’t understand fully what was happening. But that is of course wishful…in reality I fully admit that I could have been any one of them.

Who am I TODAY before my Lord?
I am sincerely seeking His way. I falter. I try again.
Peter perhaps.

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