In conclusion


Since several of you have asked, or did ask for me to let you know if I ever was able to contact a priest. I did indeed meet with one in DC.

It was quite possibly the most akward, uncomfortable one hour of my life.

With that, there is really no reason to continue on this board as you all have offered up all the assistance you can.

Good luck to you all.


I expect that it would have been such.
What happened? What was the result. If you are not comfortable going into it on the public forum, please PM me. I am curious to know what the priest had to say.

That being said, you are always welcome to continue posting. I hope that you will stay.
Rayne 100


We met. He asked questions. There were long periods of uncomfortable silence. I was unable to offer him any rational reason for my choice to serve Satan/Lucifer/etc.

But then again faith isn’t always rational.

There was no result, but I did tell him I would meet with him again if he was interested in helping me.

I’ve already asked to have this account closed.


vaya con Dios :slight_smile:


Wishful thinking, Jayda. You’re being a bit optimistic.


I pray that one day you find your way back here.

Good luck, and God Bless You.



We all have our crisis of faith at times…this is yours…I believe there is One who is patient and filled with mercy who will be with you…even in your despair and unbelief…He is always faithful even when we are not.

This is the first I’ve read of your struggle, but it is a struggle all good men have had at one time or another…you’re not alone…you never have been.


Beautiful post Publisher, and so true.

Imryl, sorry to see you go. Best Wishes on your journey.


si… im young

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