In Defense of Medical Conscience Rights - NRL News Today

I honestly believe this would have been coming here had HRC won the 2016 election. We still need to fight to make sure it doesn’t.

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Thank you for the article, it is a very good read. I fully expect such laws to be introduced within the next 50yrs in the US. Honestly probably sooner. The social pressure to do so will build as these practices become even more widely acceptable and those willing to stand up to it will get smaller in number. For example I recently had a professional discussion on ethics. One of the talking points was about a senior guy who was caught in a prostitution sting by the police, and then fired. A sizable portion of the audience didn’t see a problem with the guy soliciting a prostitute and didn’t think it should be an ethical violation. Once a certain threshold of acceptance is reached, upholding such ethical standards will be unacceptable, IMO.

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Yep. Fewer people have problems with a lot of issues anymore.
I remember when the Terry Schiavo thing was happening a lot of my even Christian friends were on the side of her husband-couldn’t see the slippery slope.
And in the article, the woman’s life wasn’t even in danger, she wanted a sex selection abortion.

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