In Defense of RPG Games (i.e. Video games.)

I have been out of the Forums for a bit. Because of work! :wink: No less. But something has been in my mind and my heart. Videos games…

I had been working so late on many of my assignments. Many being 24 hour jobs…no…sleep…zzzz… :wink: But, something curiously happened when I got home, exhausted, tired, beat, and just plain sleepy. Crashed on the couch. Once I woke up, I had staring at me, my video game console. Like an old book of a story you once read, but partially. And put down, because your mind was wondering on many other things. And curiously, one game that I had bought last year was Final Fantasy XV. This game has followed a continuous thread of successions from Final Fantasy I. I only began at Final Fantasy II up till Final Fantasy III (my last…) until just last year. So there’s a gap in my game play. Mainly as my mind and ambitions followed many other things likes (Work, School, Poetry, Books, etc.) And other kinds of Video Games.

But, to not go too far rambling on. The defense of Role Playing Games (RPG) is that they are like an interactive storybook. Full of legends, stories, and lore. A story unravels. Most games have a story behind them. But, something consistent in my gameplay wherefore my imagination occurred, graduating from Super Mario saving Princess Toadstool from Bowser. And, now Noctis saving Lady Lunafrea. The old fashion story line goes…Knight’s Fighting Dragon’s and Saving Princesses. It’s fun! And fascinating storyline.

But, I’d say that the virtues are intertwined in there to. For even the Legend of Zelda, and many RPG’s and Adventure Games always have a side quest. For in Final Fantasy XV, there are stranded motorists. You help them by getting a part for their car to help them fix it. And they are on their way. There are obviously things you earn. And, admittedly, it’s not necessarily doing good for someone else without something in return. But for me, when I do it in the game. It’s just second nature. At least easier in a game than in real life. I’ve done jumpstarts for people. Help them. The games do inherit their good.

Now, as for a comparative. I’d say I really do not like shooting games. Like Call of Duty. Mainly because it isn’t cops versus robbers. But whoever is most powerful or has better precision. And of course those who cheat! But either way, the games are not based on the good guys beating the bad guys. But whoever is the winner. A game of war. However, in RPG’s, you are always the Knight (generally speaking( fight the monsters of the world to save damsels in distress. And that I like about those games.

Yeah, I actually now find shooter games rather boring. I would much rather play an RPG or a computer civilization game.

Do you find, though, there is a heroic character, genius, or role (a much more nobler role and prospect) in an RPG than say something shooting?

Now, let me say that Halo and Star Wars Battlefront are also “shooting games.” But, these have monster, aliens, and bad guys. I particularly like the Star Wars games because you can fly an X-Wing or Tie Fighter. Though I’d rather fight on the side of the Good Jedi’s.

I do like Star Wars Battlefront (II). But I agree, a random Joe is not as interesting as playing a character you know.

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