In desperate need of prayers


Hi everyone,

I have two people who are in desperate need of prayers. One is my oldest son’s stepmother who is battling Lymphoma and is right now rejecting the bone marrow, she has two young children and is very sick. The other is for my son, her stepson who is tumbling in a downward direction and fast. I expect a phone call telling me he is in jail. He can’t seem to get it together he has very low self esteem and not one ounce of respect for himself or the people closest too him. I am convinced that the only thing and I mean only thing that can help him is a conversion of heart. I appreciate any pray that you can offer him. He lives a lie and is in total denial.

God Bless


Keep praying for that conversion. My mother prayed for me - it took a long time but I am back and healthy and ok.


Prayers sent.


praying :gopray2:
we do have a prayer thread on here somewhere…


Bobkat, I’ve battled cancer and a lifestyle against the Lord, Both were equelly lifethreatening, My aunt came to the hospital and prayed over me and gave me a bible. A year and 1/2 later the word was there when I needed it. Have faith in your prayers, plant good seed, and it will grow. Preservere in deed. It took me 34 years and affliction to recall all the good things people have done for me. Strongly bring your faith to yours in this time. The Lord does comfort and heal. My prayers are with you and your family. Tim


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