In desperate need of prayers

Please pray for my husband and me. He says he is leaving and that the marriage is over.
We have 6 children between us (four mine, one his and one ours) This is my second marriage… his third! They have all been through a marriage breakup already (except for our 5mo baby)

An old friend of mine came to visit me the other day, whom I have known for 15 years and hadn’t seen him for about 2 years. He just dropped in to say hello and only stayed for 15minutes. My husband has a problem with trust so I thought it would be better to tell him rather than hide it and him find out later.
Well!! Was that a mistake!! He got up, left and we hadn’t talked for about 4 days until today. He thinks I contacted him and asked him over. This is not the case and my husband absolutely refuses to believe me. He keeps calling me a liar over and over. He won’t sleep in our bed as he says ‘I don’t know who else has been there’,
I cannot make him believe that I have not lied and that I have done nothing wrong.( certainly not committed adultery)
He calls him my ‘ex boyfriend’ but we were only friends. I never had a relationship with him.
I have defended myself and said a hundred times that ‘he’s not my ex and I didn’t ask him over…he just turned up’.
He has seen a psychologist about this problem and the accusations stopped for about 10 months…now he is so angry that he will not see reason and is saying the marriage is over.
He is convinced I planned to see him.Nothing i say will make him believe me.
All I ask is for prayers. Nothing can else can help… unless he wants to see reason and decides to believe what I say.
Please remember us in your prayers… this is desperate and feels hopeless.

Praying for you!

I’m so sorry these things have been happening to you. You certainly have my prayers as well.

I hope that your husband will open his heart and let himself be touched by the Lord.

Jules I am sorry that you are having a difficult time. I will pray for you and your husband.

I prayed for you. Why don’t you pray for your marriage with your husband? Ask him to consider the fact that you wouldn’t call on Jesus or the Lord if you were lying. To just consider for one second the harm he’s doing to you, the kids and himself by believing the lie that you cheated rather than believing the truth that you didn’t cheat.

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