In desperate need


Friday, June 22, 2007-AM
Ok, well in February budget cuts cut my husband’s salary by more than 40%–they put him on hourly wage. We were just making the bills on the old salary. He took this job after changing careers at 39 years old because of an accident at work–that is still in the courts 4 years later, at a 50% reduction in income. So basically now he is making just over 1/4 what he was making 5 years ago. None of our bills have gotten any less, in fact the local electric power supplier has been sued for illegally raising rates more than double. When he lost the salary in February it meant no cell phone, no mileage and no medical insurance. I am disabled. My income is SSI and Food Stamps. Gasoline has of course gone up. We had to buy a car for this job and with the mileage they were paying him it covered everything except the insurance, now that is gone and we still have the car payments. I had no way of getting in touch with him during the day in case of an emergency, so he had to get his own cell phone which is now turned off because we can’t pay that bill. The insurance is over due this month, the electricity is three months behind, the home phone is three months behind (and we have no long distance) --everything is about to be cut off. My husband has pawned everything he has to pawn. I sold everything I had to sell. We have taken out 2 loans at those quickie cash loan places just to shuffle against each other every paycheck. It sounds pretty bad–but honestly $1000 would pay what needs to be paid today and $2000 would totally clear us up and get us back on par. It is not much money, but to us it is a fortune. He needs another job. He has been searching for months. He is 41 now, not in the best health and he has no finished college degree. He would love to go back to school and finish his degree but unless we ‘win the lottery’ that is completely out of the question. We are at the end of the rope. Any day now the phone will be cut off and I will no longer have online access, which I have been using for job searches and posting his resumes. We can’t afford to relocate–which would not be anything but a disruption anyway–the job market around here is as good as it gets and the cost of living is low. I have food in the house, but we have another week to go before his next paycheck and the bank is overdrawn by one check right now. Gas is still $3 a gallon and he has to drive 50-60 miles a day round trip for work. He is making $10.25 an hour, after taxes that is about $350 a week (he gets paid every two weeks.) I make $623 a month and get $67 in Food Stamps. We do not qualify for any more help. I have tried to cover all the bases. If anyone has any other ideas that I might have missed I would appreciate the suggestions. I have gone to the local Christian Ministry/Food Pantry for help and we do not qualify because we have no children. When I went to our own Church they suggested we go to the Christian Ministry. We would not be so far in the hole except that we were still reeling from him having to change careers in the first place. If this stupid settlement would just come through and be enough to pay the bills it would not be so bad. We have no family that can helps us–for years we have been helping them and now they are also suffering because we can’t do that anymore. We do not know anyone well enough to ask for a loan or financial help. My husband has pulled all the favors he was owed in the business world to try and find a decent job and well, it is true when you are down you are down alone it seems in that cut-throat world.
So please, I am asking for prayers, suggestions, anything. If I am not here all of a sudden, it is because we lost the phone (internet service was paid up ahead of time). Jesus will come through, but not knowing HOW or WHEN is my test of faith. Please pray for my husband’s faith in this too–he is not doing well with it all, it was a major blow to his self-esteem and he has been very depressed. All I do is pray and wait now. I don’t know what else to do.
Ravyn Guiliani
Bedford, Virginia


Hi Ravyn. I feel for you and your husband. We’re going through something similar, so I understand what you’re saying. I’ll be praying hard for you both, and God give you strength and comfort at this difficult time. :gopray:


I am SO sorry to hear this! :console::hug1: I will offer prayers for you! :gopray2:

We are in a very similar position right now. I CANNOT work, due to health problems. My husband has an entry level salary. The cost of living is getting SO high where we are. So, we know what it’s like to be at the end of the line, and with my expensive, but necessary, medicines and medical care in the midst of it all!

I received a lot of great advice from fellow CAF members. You may have read this already, if not I suggest you do. It contains lots of online links to food programs. So you don’t have to go with one in your home-town. Also, several budgeting tips and places to get discount medications if you could use those. It’s worth a try, and it has helped us a little!

Here’s the link to “On a budget…big time”:

You may also PM me anytime if you just need somewhere to vent, or someone to talk to. I will also see what else I can think of. :thumbsup:

God bless you both! And my prayers are for you! :slight_smile:


Ravyn, my prayers are with you and your family. I am so sorry to hear this is happening to you. I wish there was something I could do. :frowning: All I can do for now is pray so that your situation gets better. We went through something like this when I was 13, so I don’t really know how my mom handled it. But don’t lose faith. God will be there by your side holding your hand to guide you thru everything.


You are in my prayers! I know exactly what you are talking about. Right now I just pray every morning when I go outside that my car will start up ( went months with no car walked everywhere) then thank God when it does. I have absolutely no money to fix it if anything else goes wrong with it. So I know what you are saying


Hi Ravyn. I’ll pray for you and your husband that you get through the awful situation you both find yourselves in at the moment. I hope the settlement comes through for you soon and your husband’s work situation improves, so that you can pay your debts and make a fresh start.:gopray2:


I know you feel very discouraged and helpless. Please don’t forget to love each other and stick together.

I will say a prayer for you right now!


Prayers for you and your family right now. You are doing all the right things and lets hope the patience pays off soon.

God Bless you both.


thank you everyone!
Thank you for your prayers!
but listen if I do lose the phone I will have to use a public pc and the ones I know of do not allow most forums–so my private email is LadyLvsNyt @ or LeeRavynG @ (but I don’t use that one too often–mostly for eBay and paying the bills–LOL when I CAN pay the bills!), please keep in touch. I can use the one at the Church on Mondays after Mass and my Cenacle group.

Someone on another gorup suggested eBay–I have tried selling stuff on eBay the last few months but it was not really worth the fees they charged, and without access it would be a little hard to do. So I am looking for ways to make it all work out, but I think it has come down to waiting on God. I don’t doubt it will be ok. Just hard to live hour to hour. Hey atleast if I don’t have a phone the stupid bill collectors can’t call me at 7am on Sunday mornings!

Wanna hear a good thing?
We took the car payment in to JD Byrider (an excellent business to help you get a vehicle–they have been terrific for us! I highly recommend them,) on Monday–it was due the Friday before and I could not get Lee going for some reason he was dragging his feet. They were open till 7 pm and we had two tires so bad the steel belts were showing and Lee didn’t think we could make the 25 mile trip to pay the payment. So we started out going 45 miles an hour and flashing the hazards and the whole car was vibrating from the bad tires. He said he would put the temporary spare on the back–the worst one–when we got to the car place. We got there 7:08 and everyone was already gone. So I had to put the payment in the drop box and I noticed there was one car left–a huge fancy SUV. So Lee is on the hot ground changing the tire and the General Manager of the place came out–it was his SUV–and asked if everything was Ok and I told him the payment was in the drop box and he looked at our tires and just shook his head. He said we were not going to make it home on the front one without it unraveling.

So he told me to call him Tuesday morning and see if he can find us a couple of tires. We didn’t ask how much he wanted, coz we didn’t have anything anyway. So I called him the next morning and he said he tried to get the other dealership in the town where Lee was working that day to cash in a favor but he said they didn’t have anything, so he had two tires there if we could make it back there. So Lee went back after work driving like 20 miles an hour on back roads hoping the temporary spare and the bad front tire would not blow out.

So I am at home and I was watching the CBN News on the religious channel and I was not happy with some of the comments they were making about politics and a few disparaging remarks about Catholics and then a segment on miracles came on and I started to pray and I told Jesus that I was not going to be ungrateful for two tires–no matter what they might cost us–but what were WE doing wrong? If people who were politically wrong and not loving could get miracles then what more should we be doing? I told him, “2 tires are great but you KNOW we really need FOUR tires.”

So a few minutes later Lee called me and he was all choked up and he said when he got there they had 4 tires for us–and they were FREE!
humbling huh?

I know Jesus will help us, He already has.


Ravyn, I’ll be praying for you.


God bless you and your family, Ravyn. I’ll be praying for you.


I am sorry to hear of all your problems. Online help is avaiable at the public library, although it is very limited. Some drug makers will pay for your perscriptions if you can’t. You might try that. Will pray for you


Is there any way to raise funds to help Ravyn and her DH? I’m really worried about them… :frowning:




I posted the details on the forum hoping someone local might see it or someone might know someone locally who could help with a job or know of an agency or something. I didn’t do it to get any money from anyone, and I know you understand that. We had the job interview today–went to Saturday Vigil last night so we could go this morning, and it was a bust. $2 LESS an hour than he is making now and twice as far away! It would not even pay for the gas to get there. And it was a ‘promise’ that ‘maybe’ next year a closer location would open up and ‘maybe’ he would be considered for it. We just can’t cash in any more promises–that is why we are where we are now! You just can’t do business on a handshake any more, unfortunately.

So still praying and hoping the mail does not bring any cut-off notices tomorrow. But that is inevitable this week. We are down to the last $100 and there is $550 over due right now and another $450 by Friday and another $1000 on loans we can extend again. It will take every penny of that last $100 to get him to work this week.

Alot of this my husband has to find the strength and faith to do himself. He has not been the most faithful when it comes to his relationship to God. So this is his test. I just happen to be in it with him. I am going to call some agencies tomorrow in neighboring towns, I have no idea how I am going to get there, but I will call and see if they can help. I talked to my mother and sister today–they called me, they can’t help. Same with his parents.

I know my husband is feeling very alone in this struggle (because I can’t contribute more financially than I am because of my disability) and he told me today he feels friendless (except for me). But the sad part is–he has always been alone and friendless because his famly always made sure of it. I asked him if he could remember the last time he had a real friend he could count on like he says he wants, and he can’t even come up with one. Pretty sad for a 41 yr old man. His family was worse than growing up in a cult like I did–they were their own cult.

So pray for my husband Lee the most. He needs to make God his friend.

thank you for all your prayers and support. It means the world to me. We will come thru this, I just don’t know how Jesus will do it yet.



Ravyn, try calling on St. Jude, the patron saint of the impossible. He helped me with something really big. You’re right that this is a test for your husband; we need to pray just as much that he will surrender to the Lord.
God bless you both


I will continue to pray for you. St. Anthony please help them.


Hello Ravyn,

I am so sorry to hear what you and your husband are going through.:console: I will pray for both of you.:crossrc: My fiance was I are going through something simliar also. He was out of work for almost 3 months, and now he found a part time. I have all the bills, rent, car, and food. God will come through for you, just don’t give up. My mom always told me “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Life is a constant struggle.

God Bless,



You are in my prayers.


I dont know what you can do about your financial situation but I will pray for you and especially that your husband will find faith.:bible1:

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