In Ferguson, protesters, police prepare for a grand jury decision - Washington Post


** In Ferguson, protesters, police prepare for a grand jury decision **

With news of a grand jury decision likely just days away, few in Ferguson, Mo., and the greater St. Louis area are expecting that the white officer who fatally shot an unarmed black 18-year-old this summer will face any charges.

Instead, residents, activists and police departments have been engaged in contingency planning with the hopes of avoiding the kind of major unrest that exploded immediately after Michael Brown was killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

For weeks, protesters and police have been in discussions in an effort to choreograph a response if there is not an indictment. Both sides are working to establish “rules of engagement,” with protesters insisting on peaceful demonstrations without police interference and police pledging to respect demonstrators’ right to assemble while underscoring that violence won’t be tolerated. ​

Well, a number of news sources are reporting on measures being taken concerning Ferguson, MO.


The President and the AG should have kept their mouths shut on this one and not rushed to judgment. Now the poor cop is placed in a terrible position.


Yes, that was incredibly irresponsible - really stirred the pot in a negative way.


I just thought that if something happens, this is a fall-back thread though anyone can post whatever they choose to.


I wonder when there will ever be healing in this issue no matter what the decision is…


Break out the beanbag rounds, the rubber bullets, the pepper-balls, the tear gas, the armored vehicles, the riot gear, the scariest looking batons, and the riot shields, because when Darren Wilson is found innocent, Ferguson will be in anarchy.


This might sound cynical, but I am really tired of hearing about Ferguson.


I hate to be a stickler for facts, but grand juries do not decide guilt or innocence… They determine whether or not there is sufficient probable cause to indict.


Innocent until proven guilty is the rule. So if they do not have even enough evidence to indict him, they sure as hell cannot prove him guilty. Therefore he is innocent.


So the question is do they want to have the riot now or have the cop indicted and have the riot after is found not guilty?


Why are they so sure a riot will happen either way?
Are people still outraged or will outsiders come to town again and stir things up?


For crying out loud,authorities have it on tape,Michael Brown shoving the store owner.
He,like Trayvon Martin,has a less than stellar past.Forensic report points to the probable fact that he wasn’t shot from behind. So,just because he happens to be a huge black man and the cop was white,the cop now should be convicted,lest a riot ensues?!?
Yes I agree Obama and Eric Holder helped,in fact I believe intentionally fueled the flames of this being racist incident.:mad:


I live here - trust me - there’s going to be a riot.

There’s been enough stirring of the pot to keep this story at the forefront. I keep hearing that the agitators are from out of town but I’m not totally convinced.



And don’t leave out Sharpton. Wasn’t he out there stirring things up along with Jesse Jackson.
I have never seen the country so racial divided when so many thought that having a black president would make things better. What a sad outcome.


I read recently where Ben Stein stated that Obama is the most racist president in the history of this Country.What should have been a momentous event,changing the course of racism by electing Obama,things are actually worse. Due on no small part by the petty vindictive nature of this president and his administration…


Well the problem is that racism isn’t just something that white caucasians are guilty of anymore. It’s a huge problem on BOTH sides and it just fuels the fire.

I think the only thing that Obama has done is he succeeded in dividing the races into two camps with one against the other. It’s sad, imo.


I don’t believe there is a Ferguson thread on page 1, anyone can create one with a story but from what I understand, a State of Emergency has been declared. Any thread on the topic is fine, I’m just bumping this thread up as being timely.

And I hope there is no violence, in fact, they are saying their could be protests elsewhere in the US. Some stories are rather ominous as to what could happen.

There is even a story out I’ve heard about of a “target list” by activists using this incident. Businesses to be targetted like Anheuser-Busch.


Why would you declare a state of emergency before anything happens?
Is he going to line the streets with national guard?

I saw they were doing die ins today. Don’t these protesters have lives and jobs? Are they hoping they will intimidate the grand jury to rule the way they want?

I am tired of hearing about Ferguson!


We have people from that area here, tensions are high there. I want the best for everyone. Activists will exploit this, we can just hope there is no trouble. The rule of law is at stake too because likely, the policeman should not be tried and the justice system should not be influenced by public opinion.


There was already unrest in Oakland because of this, I’d be a bit fearful we could have strife in a number of cities.

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