In first, Florida State Budget Includes Money ($645,00) For Jewish School Security; Florida Pledges $1M For Jewish Security Muslims Ask, 'Why Not Us Too?'

"Florida lawmakers passed a budget that allocates $645,000 to increase security at Jewish day schools.

The fiscal year 2018 budget approved on Monday night marked the first time that the state’s Legislature has allocated security funds to Jewish day schools, according to the Orthodox Union (O.U.) . . .

Last month, New York state allocated $40 million in security funds for nonpublic schools in its fiscal year 2018 budget after lobbying from the O.U.’s Teach NYS."

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"Florida Gov. Rick Scott has proposed allocating $1 million in next year’s state budget to cover rising security costs at Jewish schools, drawing both praise and criticism.

‘I know many Floridians have been horrified by the threats against our Jewish schools and communities last year,” Scott said in an appearance Monday at the Katz Hillel Day School of Boca Raton. “We have absolutely zero tolerance for these hateful and anti-Semitic acts and our state has taken important action to keep our students and all of our families safe.’

The state already awarded $654,000 to some Jewish institutions earlier this year. That money, and the additions proposed for the next fiscal year, are meant to pay for things like video cameras and bullet-proof glass."

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In a violent society, the question for Florida lawmakers apparently is not how to additionally protect all of its citizens from the possible violence but only a specific group of its citizens.

In this day and age, ALL schools–Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, and public–need additional protection.


Sadly even here in the UK this is beginning to be an issue, we now have security guards on the doors of many schools in stab vest. The guys on the Jewish schools are often ex-military and the most professional of the lot and you would be ill-advised to annoy them as they will remove you from the premises very quickly indeed if you seem suspicious.

I am against state and local governments getting involved in funding building safety improvements for any private religious institution’s school or church beyond perhaps the posting of a law enforcement officer based on a reasonable credible threat and the state or local government feels that it can spare that resource for that purpose.

It’s up to the congregation or parents of a place of worship or religious school to donate their money or time to improve the place of worship’s or religious school’s safety and not for the state to force the general taxpayer to provide money for religious institutions which, in essence, is a de facto tithe.

(U.K. Home Secretary Amber Rudd): “Last year, the Community Security Trust received 924 reports of anti-Semitic incidents, including 86 violent assaults. Let me be clear, any attack of that kind is one attack too many.

“We are providing £13.4 million for guarding at all Jewish state, free and independent schools, colleges, and nurseries, and at synagogues, and to support the continuing efforts of the police to provide security and reassurance to the Jewish community.

“We take the security of the Jewish community seriously, and we will continue to put in place the strongest possible measures to ensure the safety of this community – and all other communities too.”

The Jewish community already do donate a huge amount of time, Kaninchen could tell you about that if she is about. The y provide security for their own schools and places of worship at their own cost in places like Stamford Hill. Look up Shomrim, the neighbourhood patrol schemes they run in areas of London which have equivalents in the US which I believe inspired the British ones. Attacks on that community are a real threat here and I can recall in my own lifetime incidents such as some clown (I’d use other words were this not an online forum) spray painting swastikas all over playgrounds where Jewish kids would likely make up a majority of the kids using them, tipping over headstones in Jewish cemeteries, attempting to walk through majority Jewish areas singing songs associated with the Third Reich etc.

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