In France, the Soft Persecution of the Traditional Mass continues

(Translation of opening para): The Pope said on October 3, “Fratelli tutti”, all brothers. Really ? It seems that the Diocese of Versailles did not receive the text of the encyclical, since it has, as it has for many years, been refusing a Latin mass that the Catholics of the city and the surrounding area are calling for. And which they decided to do on the spot, in front of the doors of a closed chapel, since the bishopric continues to refuse them. For once Catholics are numerous and ask for a mass, and even have a priest and the material to celebrate it …

It looks like there is a Latin Mass Personal Parish, Notre Dame des Armees(?) in Ile de France, Versailles.
Forgive my ignorance of French language and geography.

The Wikipedia listing for this particular website in op, suggests it is far-Right. I am aware of Wikipedia liberal bias in general, so I don’t want to pre judge that website. I don’t know how to interpret French ideological issues.

I am aware many French bishops are less favorable to TLM than most US bishops, but I wonder about the context of this particular situation.

So what? It’s either true or not true.

For a ‘given value of truth’ to borrow a phrase from a favourite author

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It is intellectually dishonest to discount a statement because you do not like the politics of the speaker.


It’s rather a case of why is a recent encylical being dragged into the mix in this article, that seems rather odd and besides the point and and an excuse to have a pop at it.


Ok. Sometimes a source can print information that is accurate, but omit other information that might cause me to weigh differently the original incident and diocesan response. I don’t mean to disparage the original source, which might be unfairly described by liberal Wikipedia.

What about the Latin Mass Personal Parish I cited? Is that too distant or non existent?

Btw, It looks like there’s an SSPX chapel in Versailles. Are people attached to that chapel joining in this situation? Encouraging those folks to switch over to SSPX? Or no role at all?

I am willing to give the people here the benefit of the doubt, but also extend it to the bishop of Versailles.

I am in the US, honestly don’t have a good understanding of the issues in France. That is why I am looking for context, or local history.


I am not French either and had to call on my long rusty skills reading French and google translate - but I love this article about Ireland, and I am Irish and this article below is just a bit off, it’s once again true, for a ‘given value of truth’ but also to really understand the situation you’d have to do a lot more research and digging:-

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The informations in this article are worrying. It would be better if you opened a new thread fto discuss it. It is out of topic here.

This online news website is “identitaire”, which mean far right, sympathetic to Catholic point of view, french and for him Breton.

Oh, I’m well aware of what it means politically. I’m well aware the site is far right and following on in a tradition of particular far right movements associated with that area, Breton nationalist movements like to actually look to Ireland for comparisons and inspiration quite a bit but the far right quality of some sectors of the Breton nationalist movement is mirrored only in certain splinter groups of Irish republicanism, social conservatism of a very particular sort was a force in Ireland and the Bretons identify with that though.

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