In Germany, some Muslim refugees convert to Christianity


Berlin (AFP) - Clad in white at a Berlin church, asylum seekers Saeed, Veronica, Farida and Matin were just about to become Christians on a recent Sunday.
“Do you believe from the bottom of your heart that Jesus Christ is your Lord and saviour, and will you follow him every day of your life?” Pastor Matthias Linke asked them. “If so, say yes.”


Praise The Lord!


Let us pray that others will follow suit.


Praying they will follow through and that others may join them.



Okay, with that out of my system, two questions for the future (because I’m Mister Plan For Everything):

*]How do we get Catholics specifically (and hopelessly cynical, fiercely Catholic me strikes again)? Divert as many as possible to Bavaria?
*]How do we make this a pattern? Converting Muslims to Christianity is especially hard since the dominant form of Islam (Islam is decentralized; it’s hard to say that “Islam teaches” anything) teaches that converts from Islam get some severe punishment (anything from ostracism (that’d better be a word) to death).

I’m sure both of these questions have answers, especially the second, and I for one would love to hear them.


This is truly awesome! Praise God!

I hope and pray that the majority of them will become Catholics since the Catholic Church alone is the Church founded by Jesus Christ and it alone has the fullness of Truth. Nevertheless, Evangelicals are closer to the Truth than Muslims so Muslims converting to Evangelical Christianity is still a good thing. :slight_smile:


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