In Germany, thousands of Muslim refugees seeking Baptism

Thousands of Muslim refugees have sought Baptism after arriving in Germany, the Italian daily Il Giornale reports.

In Berlin, Rev. Gottfriend Martens reports that over 600 Muslims have been baptized in his Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity; 50 are now preparing for Baptism in November. In Hannover, a single parish reports 2,000 baptisms since 2008. Pastors say that the demand for Baptism is growing as the flood of refugees increases.

Some observers have questioned whether Muslims seek to become Christians in hope of obtaining more favorable treatment in their quest for citizenship. For legal purposes, however, religious affiliation does not affect immigration decisions in Germany.

In Germany it does effect your taxes - I believe that you are taxed there to support the Church you belong to-you put down your religion

How did they manage to accept God is a Trinity? Just amazing.


By his grace

Well, I really hope so.


I like how they equivocate from the title to the body. Anyone else notice how they switched from “Muslim refugees” to “Muslims”? I lived in Germany during the late 50s to late 60s. There was already a large expat population of Muslims there, almost entirely Iranian, Afghan, and Turkish. They were about as “Muslim” as the ethnically Germans were “Christian” at the time. I went back in the late 00s surprised to see that the ethnically Afghan and Turk were indistinguishable from their secular, ethnically German compatriots. I’m curious to know how many of these conversions are of secular Muslims versus recent Muslim refugees converting to Christianity.

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