In God we trust


don’t you believe it is blasphemous to have in God we trust on our dollar bills? Money is used to buy worldly sinful goods and services, so why do we want to put the great name of God on something so bad like money?


Money in and of itself is neutral. As a creation it a tool, a means of exchanging value amongst people in exchange for goods and services in a way that helps to resolve or prevent conflicts. It is the love of a tool or the misuse of a tool that brings problems. Jesus did not condemn money. He condemned only the misuse and wrongly placed value we put upon it. Job, King Solomon and Lazerous were all rich and holy men. Money is a gift from God the same as any other gift or talent that we possess. It is to be used in a way that brings glory and praise to God through the way it is utilized to help one an other. In God we trust on money is an excellent way to constantly remind a nation, that God is the One who holds, protects and keeps the nation in existance and good health, not money. A reminder that only in God should our trust be placed.


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