In Gratitude for Return of Lost Key


Thank you Jesus!

Tonight I finally found a key that I’d been missing since the end of October. I lost it on a cold, windy, rainy night when I was in the process of moving things by myself in the car from one apartment to another. There were two possibilities: Either the key slipped out of my hand or pocket into the sleet storm and someone else picked it up, or it slipped out of my hand or pocket and soundlessly found its way down into the bottom of one of the numerous bags in a closet that I was going through that night.

Good thing, I found the key tonight in the bottom of a grocery bag stuffed with other bags.

I had been a bit afraid of losing it in the parking lot, because it was a “keyless entry car key” … so all any thief would have had to do was click on it, and whichever car responded and turned its headlights on, that thief could have immediately driven off in. Plus, being a single woman, and down to only ONE keyless entry key, and without any family in Ohio, it was then a little concerning to wonder what would happen if I had lost BOTH keys? (And they’re kind of expensive to replace as well.)

While there are actually far more serious prayer intentions here that other people have … and that I have, and also serious intentions of my family members (I may post some of these) and serious intentions of friends that I pray for here on CAF, I wanted to take time out and be grateful for this favor! :slight_smile:

It really brightens my day! :dancing:

Now I hope and pray that our fellow CAF member Eucharisted, who posted about losing a key, will soon find his or her key as well !!!

And thank you Trishie for having prayed for this intention!

~~ the phoenix



That is GREAT news! That would have been scary to me had I lost my keys. Did you pray to St. Anthony? Just wondering … I think I posted before how my niece taught me: Tony, Tony look around; something’s lost and can’t be found.

I pray that all the time. I think it’s cute and EFFECTIVE!

Have a good night phoenix!



You go round in circles to the same places you’ve already looked!..
A lost key is of real concern and as you said, is a matter of personal security…I’m so glad you’ve found it!
It does brighten ones day when a lost object turns up!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas full of happy surprises!


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