In heated midterm contests, GOP candidates explore a move to the middle


< In a midterm election year in which the political climate and map of battleground states clearly favors Republicans, many GOP candidates are nevertheless embracing some Democratic priorities in an effort to win over skeptical voters.

The shift is evident in some of the most contentious Senate and gubernatorial races — in traditional swing states as well as decidedly conservative ones such as Alaska and Arkansas — where Republican nominees have endorsed increases to the minimum wage, legalizing medical marijuana or granting in-state college tuition to some illegal immigrants.

Even on social issues, an area where the GOP traditionally has hewed to the wishes of its evangelical Christian base, many Senate hopefuls have backed same-sex marriage or over-the-counter access to birth-control pills. >

We are losing the Republican Party as the political means of upholding morality in government laws.

If this trend continues to spread,Catholics who are loyal to the teachings of the Church will not have many candidates to vote for who can get elected.



Same thing every election cycle.

They move away from the people that put them in power in an effort to win people from the left.

So they lose their base, and then the election.


The definition of insanity…


That’s what I was going to say. Part of why the Democrats keep winning in the POTUS elections is precisely because they moved away from center and haven’t budged an inch since.


The base of the Republucan party is very far right from the rest of the country. A candidate that appeals to the base is incapable of winning independent voters, who are far more centrist than the base and necessary to win elections because the country is so evenly split along party lines.

Republicans who want to get elected recognize this and have to shift to the center to win general elections. Democrats were overjoyed when the far right of the Republican Party blamed Romney’s loss on a candidate and platform that weren’t conservative enough.


I won’t mention any names, but a GOP candidate for federal office in my State during the primary railed against homosexual marriage. Now that the primary is over and the general election is near the candidate had a male gay married couple endorse her in TV ads. :shrug:


I don’t think the Republican Party should change core values what it should change, in my opinion, are the tactics and the messengers. I’m coming from a loyal democrat background this will be the first election all my immediate family ( including my liberal husband) will vote republican. The message can be good but if the messanger is viewed as racist or has heavy ties to Wall Street, for example, really turns people off. I get it that democrats also have awful people on their side but if anything democrats are better at selling it. PR 101 to keep republicans relevant.


I tend to agree with you on this. Furthermore, the so-called core values of the candidates who move to the center may not really be so “core” since they appear to take a back seat to the politics involved in getting elected.


Well, I believe they are wrong.

I believe my wife to be more on track here when she says that there has not been a Republican candidate that people could get excited about for a couple of decades.

Fear of what the country may become or already is will not make people vote for a candidate. Excitement over what the country can be and should be will sweep an election.

Positive motivations work better then negative.


I agree with this and while in theory,it sounds good,I have very little faith that the Republicans can or will ever win a national election.This in part ,is of their own doing,however,the bigger issue is the Dems have a stranglehold on the electorate.They do this through a vicious ground game,really getting out the vote,even those long deceased:rolleyes: and just basically underhanded means of prevailing.
The Repubs just aren’t capable of playing dirty like the Dems,not saying none of this goes on in the Republican machine,just not to the same extent.


Good analysis. I would add one further comment. The GOP, particularly the base, often speaks of limited government. Yet the hot button issues that separate the base from the rest of the party - abortion, immigration, etc. - it is the base that wants the government involved in these issues. This hypocrisy turns off many voters.


Isn’t the gov’t ALREADY involved in these hot button issues?
All I have seen here in Colo.thus far are the usual scaremongering by the Dems that the Republican candidate wants to TAKE away a woman’s right to “choose”'oh no! And they even wNt to outlaw certain types of BC???oh God forbid!


I agree with each of these. Plus, what currently qualifies as “the middle” is what we used to call the “right.” The US remains a center right nation, but much of the GOP has drifted too far right to attract centrist, or even center right voters.


Isn’t the gov’t ALREADY involved in these hot button issues?
All I have seen here in Colo.thus far are the usual scaremongering by the Dems that the Republican candidate wants to TAKE away a woman’s right to “choose”'oh no! And they even wNt to outlaw certain types of BC???oh God forbid!


If the GOP rally behind a moderate, charismatic presidential candidate, they could win the 2016 election. But they won’t.


I believe this is true, but do they have that candidate? Will they risk alienating the fringe base of their voters- I don’t believe so.

During the primaries, when the GOP goes all out crazy in their rhetoric- this scares many people- and then they try to reel it in for the final push and play moderate and no one trusts them.

And they need to get their candidates to stop bringing up rape. It’s no serving them well.


Yeah,well how about the Dems ginning up their base with scare tactics re their holy grail…Abortion being taken away by the big bad Republicans?


Well, how do you suppose the GOP will win the Presidency as that is the OP?

Go further right? How far right to too far? Is there such a thing as Too Right Wing?


If you go back and read ,I believe my second reply to the OP.I stated that I don’t think the GOP can win a national election anytime soon.The Dems have a stranglehold on the electorate not only by sheer numbers(illegal ,dead,anyone and anybody)of voters,but also their ground game,they play dirty and are ruthless in maintaining political power,no matter the cost. Think Debby W Shultz,Nancy Pelosi,Harry Ried,they are vile in the extent to which they will lie and distort the facts for the good of their party. Now I also said the GOP isn’t above some snarky tactics,but overall,can you name anyone in the party that matches the three Ijust mentioned re vile hyperbole?


So it’s the good guys and bad guys? That’s pretty simplistic; don’t you think?

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