In Her 50s, Looking for Love


“In 2006, the Rev. Christine Shiber and her husband of 30 years divorced…”

A divorced female Methodist “minister.” Wonder if she’ll be “presiding” over any weddings.

I would certainly hope not.


Your tone is completely inappropriate. This woman IS a Methodist minister, no quotation marks required. The Methodist church ordains women. It has no prohibitions against divorce. She is still fit to do her job as minister in her church, including presiding at weddings.

It is attitudes like yours that make it difficult to bridge the gap between Protestants and Catholics. Protestant denominations have a variety of rules and regulations, many of which are different from Catholic ones. When Catholics demonstrate this kind of “high and mighty” attitude, it makes dialogue with Protestants impossible.


Dialogue with protestants ? The only dialogue they are interested in is the watering down of truth & dogma till it is acceptable to all & sundry protestants with their many conflicting teachings.:knight2:


***As a devout Catholic it hurts me when other denominations talk negatively about my Faith.
If for no other reason, this is what keeps me from talking badly about other religions…you think God wants to hear that!
We are all children of God!
Please use some kindness!


Perhaps this is your experience, but it is not mine. Read about the many converts from various Protestant faiths who, despite the personal costs, accepted the truth of the Catholic Church. They did not convert because someone watered down the truth. They converted because they were met with love and respect. Also, the Holy Father wishes to continue dialogue with Protestants; who are you to decide it is impossible if he believes it is not?


The fact that she is a minister is just an ironic postscript to sad story.

Me, ME, ME. It’s all about ME.

Nothing about being able to devote herself to her parishioners. Nothing about the insight into marriage she uses in counseling people. It’s all about that free time for ME!

Oh, yeah, and dating.


Let’s pray for Christine Shiber. It is sad anytime a marriage disintegrates.
I disagree with her beliefs…but I cannot judge this women or gloat over her marital situation… that might give the devil room to start making me think I am above these flaws. There is no condemnation in Christ.


It’s very sad.


They became Catholics because they found & accepted the truth not because of any peripheral issues. Thus they are no longer protestants.
Nowhere did I express the view that it is impossible to dialogue with protestants so I don`t know where you got that from.That dialogue however must be aimed at bringing them to the truth.
The Holy Father dialogues with representatives of many heretical faiths & sects & in so doing tries to bring to them the Light of Christ.
Love & peace in Christ.:knight2:


It would appear that the focus of the article was the ability of divorced women in their fifties to find suitable partners, so I don’t understand why people are questioning the woman’s beliefs or ability to minister. The article wasn’t about that imho.


That’s my take on it, too.

I will be married 31 yrs. in November. And I really can’t imagine why she would be interested in looking for another guy. Seriously. At our age, most guys interested in us are in their 70’s :eek: I’m not against guys in that age group, but I don’t think I’d be interested in starting a life with someone when planning for a funeral is right around the corner… unless I was poor and he had a lot of money… but then he would marry someone like Anna Nicole Smith… So, it’s a no win situation, imo.


*This article reminds me of my sister…she was married for nearly 30 years…she is now 54, she has been divorced for 5 years, and while she is attractive, men her age are wanting to date women younger than me (I’m 40), she says. I dunno. :shrug: I pray for her, she is afraid of being alone. I really think she should have stayed, there was no abuse, no infidelity…just two people who had a HORRIBLE way of communicating. But, it is what it is.

She needs our prayers. I didn’t really see anything further beyond this, in the article though. *


Please realize that reporters pull out what they want from an interview. It’s not uncommon for an interview to last several hours and to have what you say taken out of context.


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