In Islam, what is God's relationship with us?


What is His relationship with us here on earth?

And what will be His relationship with us in heaven?


He is Master and we are slaves. In heaven there it will be no different except that we will be better kept slaves. There is and will be no “relationship” per se.


That’s appalling if true. Muslims, how do you answer my questions?


God = Creator


He Only Created us to Worship Him.



We love God and he loves us. We worship him as he is worthy of thsi worship. He has mercy on us and love more than all the Mothers of the earth can ever love their babies. He put us on this earth in order to get us to earn his heaven and bieng close to him.

thanks for your question



Please show the proof of this statement.


He only created us to worship Him. Why did He do this?


And thank you for your response. In heaven, what will be our relationship with God?


Ask Him that question on Judgement Day. I don’t know why.

To worship Him is to fear and love him. It is to respect Him etc…


Same as it is now, Creator and created. Why should it be different when we reach heaven? He is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow.


Our relationship with God will be gratefullness for his mercy on us by forgiving our sins and our transgressions. It will be the longing to see hi sglorious face as the best reward one can ever have. It will be the love for our God will never failed his promisse towards us and allowed us to be near to his glory.



“Creator and created” is not a useful statement of relationship. God has also created rocks and fleas. Is our relationship with God no different than His relationship with rocks and fleas?


OK, I just thought Islam might offer an answer as to what God’s reasons were to create the world, and human beings.

So if our attitude towards God in heaven will be one of fear and love and respec, what will be His attitude towards us?


Sufi, Show me where the quran says that God is our loving Father? Nowhere does it say God is love. The constant refrain is one of slavery. If we are slaves what does that make God? There is no sense of relationship with God in the sense that Christians see themselves as becoming his sons and daughters who will reign forever in heaven with him. Islam prohibits any speech of Jesus or anyone being a son of God.

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