In Islam, why did God create the Universe?




In Islam, why did God create the Universe? To be his slave.


God created Man to worship him. He created the Universe for man .


Does God need to be worshipped?

Can you provide some support for your statement?


I guess not. But all 3 versions of the abrahamic God enjoys being worshipped at lot.


In Islam did God give us free will to reject him or love and worship him as willing servants or did he not give us that free will and demands that we worship him as slaves?


God gave man the freedom to worship him or to not to. However on judgement day he will reward believers and punish non believers.

God doesnt need to be worshipped . He deserves to be worshipped and He willed to be worshipped .

whats the difference between servant and a slave in your phrase above ?

If you are implying that slavery to God is a bad thing then i think you are wrong. Slavery we we humans know it im,ply harsh treatement and injstice and abuse. While slavery to God implies understaning of his might and his gift of existence for us and his ownership of this great universe that he have created .

I wopuld think that a servant is an employee. he can walk out when he wishes to terminate his contract . He can go and serve another master . I dont think that is our relationship with God . At least not mine.

what about you? Why did God create the universe in your faith?


As St. Augustine said, “Oh God, you have made us for yourself and our hearts are restless until they rest in you”.

To serve him out of Love for God, not that we loved him but that he loved us first. A unique aspect of Christianity is that God came in search of mankind and the full and complete revelation of God was in Jesus Christ.


God doesn’t ‘enjoy’ in the sense of ‘needing’ though, because God is perfect and needs for nothing.

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