In Luke 2:52 how did Jesus grow in grace?

The Gospel of Luke tells us that “Jesus grew in grace.” Jesus is God, and therefore He cannot grow in grace. What is meant by this statement, and could you please give examples to support the statement from the life of Jesus? How does Jesus specifically grow in grace? (I am referring specifically to the Catholic understanding of grace…not merely the often used term of “favor”.)

Hi NM,

This is what “A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture” (out of print) says about Luke 2:52: “God’s favor is shown by grace, and though Christ had the plenitude of grace from the beginning of the Incarnation, yet as he advanced in life he showed greater effects of the grace that was in him. His human mind advanced in wisdom, because as man he acquired knowledge by; experience, as it is proper to man to do.”

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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