In Memoriam Ralph Waite~~Waltons patriarch




The Waltons was a great show.


Yes, it was.

He was also an ordained minister. Played the re-occuring role of Jackson Gibbs of CBS’s mega hit “NCIS”, and last time I saw him in a role was a couple of weeks ago. He was playing a priest in the soap opera “Days of Our Lives”…his Catholic priest character was baptizing a new baby born to the Horton family…


May Ralph rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon him. I wondered why one of the channels is having a Walton’s marathon. Now I know.


RIP Ralph.


Good-night, Ralph…



I will miss him so much. I loved him on the Waltons


May he rest in His peace.

Quite the resume…


Loved the Waltons. The Baldwin Sisters were my favorites John Waite was a very good actor. he also played a mean guy on the miniseries roots.


I read in todays newspaper that Ralph was actually from New York state, had a seminary degree and was a Presbyterian minister.



I have always loved the Waltons. :heaven:


I still watch reruns of the Walton’s every night on the INSP channel.:slight_smile:
RIP Ralph…


God bless him, Shirley Temple, and Sid Caeser.


In the early 1980s he starred in another series called “The Mississippi” that ran for about two years. Waite played a highly successful but burned-out lawyer who quits his practice, buys a riverboat, and travels up and down the Mississippi river taking pro bono cases of people he meets along the way.

It is worth watching if you can find it on DVD.


If you’all are ever in Virginia stop by the Walton’s Mountain Museum at Schuyler (Earl Hamners home town) off Route 29 south of Charlottesville. They play the show continuously in the snack bar. The real mountain he wrote about isn’t called Walton’s but is in the vicinity.


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