In Memory of Terri Schiavo

None of us should ever forget her, and all that she went through and what others did to either try to save or to kill her…

Here’s an online memorial with an account of her tragic life

Thanks, Catholic29! The other day I went for about 10 hours without anything to drink (because of stupidity and forgetfulness, not out of fasting or anything meaningful) and I felt completely wretched! I was light headed, breathless, had a huge headache, and then I realized I was probably thirsty. When I took a few sips of water my symptoms vanished and I couldn’t help thinking of the agony that Terri must have endured. We must never forget what was allowed to happen to her. :frowning:

Like many others on here, I followed this case day and night. It was such a tragedy for our country. Not to lessen the grave impact of any attack or natural disaster, but this was especially tragic because it was our own country harming its citizens.
BTW, does anyone know where I can find a list of politicians that voted against life in this case? I want this info handy for when election times come around.

My heart just breaks for Terry and her family. I still have such a hard time understanding how such a tragedy could have happened here, in this country where people would have been outraged if someone had starved a dog or cat to death. Especially now, during the season of Advent, we should remember those who have been left to die as Terry was in the name of ‘compassion’.

Rest in peace, Terri. :crying:

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