In Mississippi, Trump mocks Ford's claims against Kavanaugh



Good for Trump.


He is trying to flip the switch. Where men are now the victims…sad


In the Kavanaugh case, it appears the man is the victim.
Dr. Ford is also a victim, of the Democrats who betrayed here.


Like a real life Atticus Finch (the villain from classic “To Kill a Mocking Bird”).


How is Mr. Trump anything like Atticus Finch? Finch is a character defined by his quiet dignity, unwavering moral compass, compassion, respectfulness, refusal to sink to insults, and commitment to justice for those who cannnot defend themselves. Where do you see any of that in this act of public mockery?

Further, how is Finch a villain? Was that a misguided attempt at humor? Or, do you really think Finch is somehow a villain?


The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network:


I repeat, “Good for Trump”.




I often question whether Flake is masculine enough to even rise to the level of “beta male”…


Kavanaugh appears to be a victim in this case. That’s not flipping the script, that’s just many people’s assessment.

Men AND women can be victims; they aren’t mutually exclusive.


I’d peg him as a solid Omicron.


He gets a vote, with few votes to spare.

Nice column by George Will on Flake’s service to the nation in the hearings.

A minority of Americans are perpetually infuriated, and the Republican portion of that minority is furious with Flake because he used his leverage in a closely divided Senate to compel the FBI investigation of accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. Do enraged Republicans think the national interest, or even their party’s interest, would have been well-served if, with the embers still smoldering from Christine Blasey Ford’s and Kavanaugh’s testimonies, Senate Republicans had used their legislative muscle to shove Kavanaugh’s confirmation to completion by now?

In that case, Justice Kavanaugh — 20 percent of a majority on a court often divided 5-4 on contentious matters — would have served under a cloud of the suspicion that he got there only because his party would not countenance a reasonable delay that would enable the FBI to seek pertinent information.

The Editors: It is time for the Kavanaugh nomination to be withdrawn

I watched the video from this article. Trump isn’t mocking her. He is pointing out the incredibility if her testimony. He does so in an entertaining way.


That sounds like mocking.


I think this is pretty clearly mockery. Perhaps that’s why everyone from Breitbart to the Dail Kos, from the WSJ to the WaPo used that term.


OK, so then Saturday Night Live was mocking in its bit last week which portrayed the hearings?


There are a number of key differences here, including the fact that the satire of SNL happened in the context of a sketch variety show, whereas Mr. Trump’s mockery last night was in the context of a political rally.

Context matters.


Why should the context matter? Why is it acceptable to mock for comedy but not for politics? Of the two politics would seem more warranted as it is more important.


Ford self-hypnotized herself into believing something bad had happened.

She is an expert on hypnosis.

The Rachel Mitchell report PROVED that Ford was a fake.

Eight pages of details.


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